10 Best SEO Plugins for WordPress : Ultimate SEO list

Best SEO Plugins

10 Best SEO Plugins for WordPress : Ultimate SEO list

We all want organic traffic from search engines and the best way is by improving the SEO. There are some tools that make it easy to optimize the website SEO. If your website/blog is on WordPress, there are many free & paid good SEO plugins available that will help improve the SEO. Here is the list of best SEO plugins for WordPress to optimize the website and increase the traffic.

Let’s start with the ultimate list of WordPress plugins and tools for SEO…

WordPress SEO by Yoast – Ultimate SEO On-page Solution

yoast seo plugin

Yoast SEO plugin is one of the most downloaded WordPress plugin and best for on-page SEO optimization. Yoast offers both a paid and free version of a plugin. But the free version of the plugin is more than enough for on-page optimization.

You can add SEO title for a post, Meta description, URL slug and Meta keywords on your page or post. you can add targeted keywords, based on that Yoast will scan the all on-page content like boy text, header, meta description, image alter text and URL slug and rate your content. It will list and point where you need to change or optimize the content.

You can write title and Meta description for the main site, category, and tag pages. A sitemap is created and submitted to the search engine by Yoast automatically when you update content and you will control what to include and what not in the sitemap.

SEO Yoast plugin is the best to practice white hat on-page. Along with SEO, you will also get the article readability and optimization tips to make it user-friendly.

Its user interface is very easy and even if you don’t know SEO, you can easily optimize your post and pages using this tool.

Google Keyword Planner – A Powerful Keyword Research Tool

google keyword planner

Google keyword planner is a powerful tool for keyword research provided for Adword users and anyone can use it. You can use it to analyze the keyword trends and an approximate number of queries fired per month for any keywords on Google. Google keyword planner also provide the data by country and monthly time slot.

You can find keyword’s searches, related keyword phrase and PPC rates with this tool. Keyword planner also provides related phrase search, so if you have one keyword, you will get a list of other related terms.

You can use Google keyword planner for keyword ideas and to find keywords with high search volume to get more traffic.

Semrush – Best Keyword Research SEO Plugin for WordPress

semrush keyword best tool

Semrush is not a WordPress plugin but it is a very powerful tool for keyword research. You can analyze your competitor’s full keyword profile and links. Semrush provides many different types of SEO insights to rank better in search engines. You can find links to your competitor’s site, get a suggestion for link opportunities.

Find related profitable keywords with monthly traffic, you can find related keywords and related long-term phrase to create content. It will give you competitor’s advertising strategies data and much more to analyze and stay ahead in the competition.

Semrush is a paid tool and is it a very popular tool among SEO professionals. You can try the first month for free!

Moz – Open Site Explorer

moz open site explorer

Moz is the firm who introduced the Domain Authority term and open site explorer is their premium tool that let you give insights into any domain including link profile.
Open site explorer is the web tool and you can find chrome extension for the toolbar to check any page’s domain authority and page authority. Open site explorer provides some limited features freely and you just need to sign up on the site.
You can find linking domains, domain authority, fresh links, spam score, and other link profile data. You can use Moz pro for full usage without any restriction.

rel=nofollow checkbox

nofollow link inserter

A rel=nofollow checkbox is very important WordPress SEO plugin to optimize the links. You know what is do follow and no follow links. Right? This tool will help you add “nofollow” rel tag to your links. It will stop passing the link juice to the linked website.

Sometimes it is good to pass link juice to other useful site but that no means you add all the links do-follow. And that also not mean you need to add nofollow to each tag.

rel nofollow plugin is a very simple extension that adds a checkbox in the insert link pop up of WordPress default post editor. Remember that check box to open the link in new window? Exactly same as that, when you will insert any link it will show another check box for nofollow link. Yup, it is a tiny tool but very useful for link structure optimization.

All in one SEO pack – The Alternative of  Yoast SEO plugin

all in one seo plugin

All in one SEO pack is another very popular SEO plugin for on-page optimization. It is the best alternative of SEO by Yoast plugin. This plugin is easy to use and offers an instructive interface to optimize all the necessary on page things.

All in one SEO pack comes with a both free and paid version. You can set the title, description, keywords, URL, Meta nofollow for different search engines like Google and Bing. This plugin automatically generates titles and Meta tags for a post that helps avoid duplicate content.
Other features are XML sitemap submission, Google analytics integration, canonical URLs, compatible with many other plugins and much more.

W3 Total Cache 

w3 total cache plugin

Google and other search engines prefer high-speed site and rank it better in SERP. Cache optimization is one of the ways to enhance the site speed by managing user side cache. W3 total cache is the best plugin to enhance the site performance. It is free and easy to manage. Just install and turn it on, rest will be handled by the plugin. You can some of the cache related settings but it is very few and your site speed will increase. It is one of the must need a plugin for WordPress SEO optimization.

SEO by SQUIRRLY – one of the best SEO plugin

seo by squirrly plugin

SEO by SQUIRRLY is an SEO plugin that helps you create content optimized for human and search bots. You can increase user engagement with better search engine rankings. You can make SEO audits using this plugin and use it along with SEO by Yoast. This plugin will help you optimize on page content for better performance in SERP. You will get real-time advice and corrections for optimization when you are creating or editing content.

Squirrly can be the alternative of all in one SEO pack in the best SEO plugins list.

All in one schema.org Rich Snippets

rich snippet plugin for wordpress

It is a WordPress plugin available for free. You can add schema to your post or pages with different categories. We all know, rich snippets are better at CTR and by adding schema to pages and post, will help bots to identify the exact data from the content. You can simply install this plugin and start adding snippets.

After installation, you will find schema generator/ editor below body content editor in every page or post. You can add related ratings, images and other details that will show up on the rich snippet.

The rich snippet will help you display photos, star ratings, price, author, etc. in search engine result pages which will make your post/page stand out and increase the chance of a click.

SEO Ultimate

seo ultimate plugin

SEO ultimate is another powerful all-in-one tool for WordPress that let you optimize advanced SEO for your blog/website.
You can rewrite title tags, it will auto generate an open graph for your homepage, you can manage page description and Meta for posts, pages, tags and category pages. It also contains inbuilt rich snippet creator so you do not need to install a specific plugin for the rich snippet and use this tool. Other features are deep link juggernaut, link mask generator, canonical URL, 404 monitors, Permalink tweaker and much more.

These are some best SEO plugin to optimize WordPress blog /website. It will help you on page optimization and site speed to enhance performance. You can use these tools and plugins for your blog. Semrush is the only tool that does not offer a free version, all other tools are either free or offer limited free usage. You can try these tools and decide what works for your blog and which you want to add in your plugin list.

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