5 Free Mobile App Promotion Strategies – Infographics

Free Mobile App Promotion Strategies

5 Free Mobile App Promotion Strategies – Infographics

You have an awesome idea and you created the mobile app thinking it going to be a big hit. No doubt, your app may a million dollar idea but how people out from your friend circle will know about it? It is useless if no one knows about your app. You need to spread the word and need to reach to your audience.

Each day hundreds of apps are released in each category on app stores that’s why creating the app and uploading it to play store or app store is not enough to get the app success.

You need to consider other marketing tactics to reach to your targeted app users. As before using your app, the user not going to know how much useful your app is.

For application promotion, the easy way is to promote it by doing advertisement. There are many platforms out in the market providing the paid installs for your apps. But it will cost you a bit big. As you already spent your valuable time and money behind the application development, you will probably don’t want to spend on the ads.

No worry, here are some technologies that help you get your app in front of the audience without spending a big amount on ads.

1. ASO

First and the most important thing is the ASO. Ignore all that rumors of ASO working or not. Yes, it is working. Clearly. It is the best way to increase the app store listing.

App stores are the best and first place where users will try to find an app. And that’s the best opportunity for your app to rank on related keywords so users can find your app when they search.

ASO mostly cover the on the page here. It is a bit different from SEO where you need to depend on links. Play store listing does not consider the backlinks to the app page. So you do not need to spend time on backlinks.

There are some on page store presence hacks you need to consider when you are uploading your app on play store.

App Title:

The app title and short description are the most affecting in the store listing. Make sure you include one keyword in your title. And it does not mean you spam the title by too many keywords in the title. Keep it simple & short and include one keyword.

App Icon:

The second thing in ASO is the app icon. After user lands on some search result, your app needs to stands out from others then the only user will click on your app listing and proceed further. Don’t add too many details, as it will go tiny in mobile screen. Make it clean, representing your app subject.

App Description:

Next is the description; app description is another source for the relativity and keywords for the search engine. You can include some other keywords in description. You will get 4000 limited, so give a brief idea about your app features and a short attractive section with a call to action that excites user to install and try your app.

Screenshots & Preview Video:

Improve your app presence with the related screenshots and preview video. In the paid apps, this is the best way to explain your features to users and let them buy your app.

You can read more on ASO here – app store optimization guide

2. Create a Microsite/ blog

You can buy a related domain and launch a microsite for your application. By doing this, you will get another way to drive traffic to your mobile application.

The trick is to attach the blog with your microsite and publish articles on how your app solve different problems and how it can be useful. You can do some SEO to rank your site on targeted words and you will get boost installs by diverting people to install your app.

3. Social Media

Social media is a big platform for outreach. You can join related groups on Facebook and submit your app for similar interest people.

You will also get some installs and reviews from your Facebook and Twitter friends and followers as they know you. You can create a Facebook page for your app also that will help you to reach your audience and solve their issue if any.

4. YouTube

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. A video describing your apps working will surely lead people to install your app. you can describe each feature in video and post it on YouTube or Vine. You will get a new form of the audience from this video sites.

5. Submit Your App to Blogs and Review Sites

This is another tactic you need to add in your app promotion strategies. There are many websites and blogs that review the apps and publish an article on it. You can find such websites and reach to them.

This type of sites get tons of traffic on daily basis and if your app is really useful to people, they will surely review it and publish on the website. Your app will get hundreds of installs from sites. You can find different bloggers in the same niche and let them convince to review your blog. This will also work on YouTube.

You can find some popular YouTubers and approach them to review your app with a play store link in the description. This way you all will get massive installs.

If your app able to publish and featured on some popular android blogs like android authority and android polis. Your app will get a big number of installs.

These are some techniques you can implement free or at very low cost and get app users for your new app.

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free mobile application promotion infographics

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