Advanced features added to latest iOS update iOS 11.3

IOS 11.3

Advanced features added to latest iOS update iOS 11.3

Last year Apple released the new iOS 11 with many innovative features making Apple gadgets more powerful. But with the new features, there are some issues or must needy features like improved battery performance, Apple rolled out OS update 11.3. let’s take a brief look whats new with an update.

Improved augmented reality


no doubt, AR is the future. Many Big brands like Google started giving AR experience on mobile devices. Apple promised a much-enhanced experience of Augmented reality with ArKit 1.5. As per Apple, the new ArKit is able to detect any vertical surfaces such as windows, doors etc and you can also view circular objects.
This update will give more space to play with to the developers that now able to create any shape of objects. iPhone 6s and higher will support the ArKit 1.5.

More detailed battery statistics

Users will get better control over the battery usage. The user will get useful information about battery health and if it is working well or not. This feature also available in 6s and higher. if you are having lover iPhone, you can get a battery replacement at $29.

new 4 animoji

animoji 11.3

Yo, animoji lovers. Good news for you. Apple added 4 new faces to the already 12. New animoji’s are a bear, lion, dragon and human skull. yeh, a funny skull copying you.
iPhone X is falling apart from others with this type unique features. apple’s true depth camera allows users to capture about 50 different facial expressions that can be analyzed and animated with now 16 different faces.

More free device space with iCloud

icloud messages

This was the feature expected with iOS 11. Late, but here it is. it will store all your messages, images, documents, etc. on iCloud that will free up your device space.
It will be synced with all the iOS devices so you can manage everything from the same place.

Introduced business chat

business chat in iOS 11.3

Against Whatsapp’s new business version of the app, Apple introduced new business chat with many useful features that help communicate with business clients more conveniently.

New Safari 11.1


As per the official Apple website, they stated that Safari 11.1 also released with iOS 11.3. new safari version focused on enhanced security features. Other than that the payment requests will increase and it also has a new design with an update.

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