Top Features For On-Demand Video Streaming App

Features For On-Demand Video Streaming App

Top Features For On-Demand Video Streaming App

With the introduction of On-demand video streaming apps, Television has now become a bygone. Video On Demand (VOD) mobile app is a video streaming space that offers a content library to the users like TV series, movie, or web series of their choice to watch in their leisure time. This can be accessed by plugging your laptop, smartphone, or TV and then simply access your favorite content.

Due to the pandemic, there was a tremendous rise in the usage of VOD apps like Amazon Prime, Hotstar, Netflix, Hulu, etc. The weekly usage of Netflix in the US had risen to 72% after Covid-19, according to a report by the NPD group. As per stats, it is expected that the live streaming industry will grow up to 70.50 million dollars by 2021. Similar predictions are made for the growth of the OTT industry up to 129 billion dollars by the year 2023.

Let us discuss the advanced features of On-demand video streaming apps that make them a hit among the users.


The app must incorporate multiple ways to sign up. Now, people do not prefer the too long process of typing and registering themselves on the app. In fact, this procedure must be shortened up by integrating and syncing with their social media accounts. This not only saves time but also helps in retaining users.

After registration, users must be welcomed onboard by explaining each feature properly to make them at ease.


The interest of the user must be taken into consideration in a video streaming app, after all, it’s only about entertaining the end-user. Hence, the app must be able to keep track of the user searches, their saved content, history of shows or movies watched, downloaded content, etc. After this, the app must give users suggestions to watch movies or shows of their interest and ultimately earn more views.


This feature is basically for the admin panel, where he gets access to real-time statistics in the form of reports, pie charts, and dashboards. This way they can seek the information on the live shows running at a specific point in time and the retention numbers. The admin can plan his strategies to promote the content accordingly.

4. UI/UX

The design of an app plays a key role in how a user feels about the app. For a video streaming app, the UI/UX of the app ascertains the success of the app. An app must be user-friendly in all manners such as it must be easy for navigations, content-focused, simple designs, and highly interactive.


For retaining your clientele, it is important to make them feel important too. The loyalty programs must be conducted on a regular basis, such as reward points to draw attraction from time to time. Apart from this, the reward and referral programs should offer them some kind of discounts to move further. This helps in building interest in the app.


This is a complete user-centric app. Any new updates about the subscription plans, latest released content, shows, previously watched movies, or missed episodes of their interest must be notified to them. Push notifications are not only easy to implement but are also advantageous in maintaining transparency between the users and the app. Regular tracking of users and timely notifications accordingly to them can help retain users and boost engagement.


This feature is a must in times when the dependency on voice assistants and searches is increasing. Just like Siri on iPhone & Google’s Voice Assistant, users can speak out their command to the in-app assistance and get the task done without even touching the phone. This attribute makes the app convenient and easier for the end-users.


This feature helps the users find the broadcasts of the shows specific to their own locations or region. The user can select the broadcast of their interest from the map itself. The admin panel can then provide the user with the region-specific live broadcasts of different shows as per the map location.


The ‘Share the screen’ feature is famous from the Skype app. It allows another person to have a look at what you would see on the mobile screen. This makes the stream videos more convenient and the trouble of making tutorials is also reduced.


As the name suggests, the on-demand video streaming app must be applicable to function on all different devices such as desktop, tablet, TV, or mobile. Ensuring that your app is accessible to users anytime from any platform, makes the app in high demand.


The success of video streaming apps depends upon how much they take care of the minute requirements of their users. The above-listed features enhance the user experience on the app. This list will keep on updating with the latest trends in the market to keep the user intact, such as multiple-language support, multiple user profiles, etc.

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