Factors: To Make the Event Mobile App in a Reasonable Cost

Event Mobile App

Factors: To Make the Event Mobile App in a Reasonable Cost

Crossing this article on the event app, this means you are on the search path of event mobile app development or want to learn more on it.  In case you getting confused about app development for the events for your business, you are not the individual one to do it. Its true not to deny the competition is huge. Talking about the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, there are 2.2 million and 2 million applications in the respective stores.

Each individual app cost a certain amount of cash. The cost totally depends on the features implemented, quality and support which varies from app to app. Moreover, with these, the trends of having the event management app concept are getting more popular. The attention it is seeking through the people is all because of the features it is offering. Many event mobile app development company offers some distinctive values that attract the clients and also provides selective features.

Whenever you think about any kind of mobile app development process, the first thing anyone will get in mind would be the cost and budget. Considering the cost as a major factor we can provide you the services for your event app at a reasonable cost. With your expectation and the requirements, we can provide you with the online event management app.

The main question now, what is the approximate price for the event app today? Let me mention four of the top factors affecting the prices of mobile app development.

Factors that Affect the Price to Develop the Event App…

1. Marketing

For any of the event, marketing plays a crucial role. Without marketing, the chances are high the event might fail. Because people won’t be aware of your event, venue, timing, and plans. Now, this part makes it mandatory to have an event app to organize all of this for always updating your members with your ongoing and upcoming events.

Just having the app and launching or releasing it to the play store and app store is not enough. You need to market your app so wisely that it reaches to the right audience. Of course, you need some money and time to plan to do this. The key to marketing is patience and creativity.

2. Audience Value

People do not utilize the app much if it’s not worth their time. Neither they will download an extra app to just know about your 2-day event. Specifically, if you want the individuals to download your app and use it for the long term, you should make it as simple as possible. You should try to increase the proficient way of your user to experience the event, understand and customize according to goals.

If your app doesn’t provide some of the features, then forget about your app becoming the best event management app in the market.

3. Development Firm and Location

There is an alternative that you can take the design and creation of your event app offshore. It may happen that if you opt for the other nation to develop your app which is lesser rich, it might require additional efforts with regards to communication and verifying your developer. With this addition, to manage the legitimate legal concern.  

4. Device Platform

Android and iOS platforms are totally different. For both, the app is developed separately in native. The event app which works on all gadgets, you will have to pay accordingly for the development and testing as in addition.

Components to Influence the Cost to Develop Event App

1. Application Platform

The expensiveness changes according to the most significant decision made whether you want your app on Android or iOS platform or both.

When you hire a mobile app development company who can develop your event app in a better manner, the first question from their side is on which platform your app should be released.

If you decide to go for both the platforms, most organizations settle with hybrid development. This is way more affordable because about 70 percent of the code can be reused for the other platforms after the app is built and worked for one.

2. GPS Connectivity

As said earlier, if you want your users to reach the location of the event then you need to enable and add the GPS connection. Now to add this you need extra time. With the increase in time, the cost also expands with the extended by the normal hourly rates.

3. Social Features

The best thing about social media platforms is they are free of cost. And as social media usage is increasing by the users, it is easy to reach your audience and you can also promote your brand. So the addition of this feature can add some money for the cost. This feature would make your app more engageable with the users. The feature also allows the user to upload the photos, videos, gifts and many more of attending the event.

4. API Interface Integrations

Additionally, one more segment that can build the expense is incorporating your application with the third party service. It encourages the app with additional features. To include this feature in your app, the extra cost will also be included as the working hours get extended.

The API addition is diverse for different event management app and the days required to develop this change from app to app.

5. Offers and Discounts

Who don’t love offers and discounts? Everyone who goes out at any point of shopping whether it is a supper, date, film, or something else. Everybody likes discounts so they can spare the money for the first time and spend the second time. Deals, discounts, offers, coupons, cash-backs and many others that can make your user the happiest ones and that clearly improves the loyalty towards utilizing your app services.

Moreover, there are additional services like talking, video streaming, video updates, and dynamic content that can give you the superior app foundation. Just remember, the more features you add, the more cost you will pay.


So now again the question is “ Is it possible to develop an event management app in low budget? The answer is definitely yes. It is possible with reliable mobile app development companies. They can, of course, offer the discounted rates which can fit your budget.

If you are thinking about the implementation of the mobile app development for your event, then contact us without any of the hesitations. We offer whatever we discussed here.





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