How to Create Facebook Chatbots without coding

Facebook Messenger Chatbots

How to Create Facebook Chatbots without coding

Facebook Messenger already hitting 1.2 billion users monthly and now we all are familiar with popup chat heads. With this solid stage of users, Facebook introduced Messenger chatbots that give you experience like you are talking or chatting with a real human.

What are the Facebook Messenger chatbots?

Facebook messenger bots are a pre-scripted question-answer sequence that is designed to reply to some predefined answer in the response of some pre-defined questions. there are many popular chat bots available like very popular CNN chatbot that provide you news related information and links directly to your messenger inbox, hello Jarvis chatbot will remind you to do things like go to shopping or pay the bills etc.

Why do you need to try Facebook Chatbots?

People respond rate to chat messages is far higher than any email campaign. And as per Neil Patel’s recent post, his friend was able to get up to 88% open rate for him chatbot campaign. So if you are a marketer and want to try something new then this can be your next move. Rather than that Facebook chatbots are responsive and you can design with 10 minutes so no need of wasting time coding it and you can get some good results.

Things you can do with chatbots:

  •  deliver message sequences to people in messenger
  •  Create sales funnel that bring in the sale
  •  Send downloads
  •  Get up to 80% open rate


How to Create a Facebook messenger chatbots?

As now you know what is Facebook Messenger chatbots and how you can use it for increasing the sale and retargeting let’s see how to create one.

There are two methods to create chatbots for the Facebook messenger. First is you can create the bot hard way by coding in Python or other languages if you are good at coding. But many or most of the marketers are not good at the coding side and there is another method for not coder peoples like me to create Facebook bots using some online tools.

If you want to create your Facebook bot using coding then there are many resources available on the internet from Facebook Messenger developer page to GitHub codes. You can learn from some tutorials that are available on YouTube and create your own chatbot by hard coding. But here in this article, we are going to discuss how to create one without coding.

Let’s start building the first chatbot for your business:

There are many tools available to create and run chatbots campaigns without the need of any code, just simple integration of your Facebook page where you want to use it and you are already done half way.

Here is the list of some great tools that let you build chatbots without coding:

Using any of this tool/website you can create your own chatbot and start broadcasting to your fans within 15 minutes.

I will take Chatfuel to explain how to set up things for a chatbot.

Step 1: Go to  and click on that blue button to start.

messenger bots for business


Step 2: You will need to link up with your Facebook account.  Login with your Facebook account and give required permission.

link facebook account

Step 3: Then you will be asked to select any one Facebook page from the available list. Select the one you want to run your bot for.

It will look like below or whatever, you are not that dumb. Just select the Facebook page.

select business page


Step 4: You can see some text in the box that can be edited. That is your bot’s welcome message. Edit it, you can add images or other media also from boxes given below.

edit welcome messenge


Step 5: Now start creating message sequence and add blocks as per your needs. You can give any block as a response or direct link for some reply. Get hands on the available controls and buttons, will take minutes to clearly understand all the steps.

fb messenger chatbot example


You can now broadcast your chatbot to all the page followers or you can filter to a specific group of people for your broadcast list.

Broadcast to channel


Start experimenting with different sequence and you will get great results. If your email campaigns not returning the required conversion rate then this messenger bots are the new way you can try to target your audience.

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