5 Great Ways to Enhance Mobile App Security

Mobile App Security

5 Great Ways to Enhance Mobile App Security

Mobile becomes a part of human life. people started depending on the mobile for many daily routine tasks. Smartphone revolution brought lots of features in a single small screen far ahead of just calling and texting.¬†Along with new features in mobiles, another thing that increases is the information and data collected and stored in the device. All the mobile apps collect user’s data in one or another way and process and implement it in different functions.¬† This brings responsibility to the app developers who need to use user’s data wisely and securely.

Let’s see how as a developer, you can secure the user data and provide mobile app security to the user.

5 Ways to Enhance Mobile App Security:

User Encryption:

Encryption is the best way to secure the data from your mobile application. There are many different encryption methods available in the market that you can use. A 256-bit AES encryption let you encrypt the data transmitted from the user’s device that increases the data protection. It will easily save your data from hackers by making it difficult to understand by anyone.

Rigorous Testing:

While developing a product from scratch, there are a lot of chances to leave with some errors and gateways from hackers can extract and access the data. Testing makes you sure that you have covered all the important bases. Some of the testing methods you should use are regression testing, exploratory testing, and automated testing. Better if you get our own testers team that complete the task with expertise without any error. Testing makes the app clean from vulnerability and secure.


Prototyping is a systematic way to keep the development flow on the track. You can easily create restore points with prototyping so if any feature fails in development mode, you can easily roll back to last working prototype. Development in this manner will make your app more error-free and secure compare to rapid app development.

Device Certificates:

Make sure you check your app on most of the devices and android version it is going support. If any OS or device is not supported in your app, you need to mention it in the app description so you can decrease the crashes. Use of certificates gathered from the device will help your app integrate its source code with the device hardware in a better way.

Regular updates:

Update the app regularly with the latest security patches. Android system regularly releases the security updates for the main OS that is implemented to the device OS directly. You need to make sure your app also complies with that updates. This not means you release update each second day; instead, you can schedule the update once or twice a month as per the app requirements.

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