Domain name suggestion tools for website/blog

Domain Name Suggestion Tools

Domain name suggestion tools for website/blog

When starting a blog or website for your business, the very first thing you will need is the Brand name and its available top level domain name. Your brand will be remembered from the domain name and it is the very important thing you need to work on, that gives your business an authority. there are some online tools that give tons of domain name suggestions we are going to discuss in this post.

.com, .org, .edu … With more than 46 Million registered domain names, it becomes harder to find a creative blog name and available domain for that name. If you get some good idea about your next blog’s name but you will end up with the “not available domain” for that name.

Domain name is also important to manage a brand and it helps increase CTR as well in SERP.

Why do you need to work on your domain/website name?

In most of the cases, the Brand name and domain are same. here the question is why you need an appealing domain name for your blog or website?

The relevancy of your domain to your industry or business niche is very important as it will represent your brand. If your business is on technical topic and domain is related to food or traveling then it doesn’t make any sense and at the end, you are killing your CTR.

Personal Brand vs Business Related Name

If you Search “WordPress blogging tips” in Google and get two results as below.



Which one will you click? The second one, right? After all, the person who doesn’t know who is harsh and searching for some quick solution is not likely to click on any person’s name domain link. And if we think in another way, if you go out to sell your website, who going to buy your personal name blog/website with your name as a domain? I mean who will buy Another Harsh Agarwal, if any.

Where in the case of business-related name, you can grow it as a brand or turn it into a company letter like or So I recommend you to find such name that represents trust and authority of your work.

Best Domain Name Suggestion Tools 

I found a list of good domain name suggestion tools that will help you get your topic related domain name. Use them combining 2-3 and produce a better Brand/website name.

1. NameStation

domain name suggestion tools


Domain Name Suggestion Features:

  •  You can create names with keywords, categories, and concepts-wise.
  •  Name station uses 18 ways to generate domain names results related to your query
  •  You can earn money by suggesting great domain names also.
  •  The tool is totally free and needs a simple signup


2. domain search tool

Domain Name Suggestion Features:

  •  You can search by domain, keyword or a long-term phrase
  •  The tool will relocate alternative words or phrases to without changing the meaning
  •  You will get a list of all available domains that can be registered in multiple extensions
  •  Again, free tool and you can surf better results fast


3. Domainsbot

Domain Name Suggestion Features:

  •  Name spinner to get tons of suggestions
  • you can also search for expired and expiring domain names
  •  list of “for sale” domains
  •  Who are lookup and registration?


4. Domainr

domainr tool

Domain Name Suggestion Features:

  • find popular TLD like .com or .net for your required keywords
  • You can find accented characters and diacritics to see internationalized domains, Arabic, Chinese and Hindi scripts.
  • get suggestion for country domains like .in, .es etc.
  • Internationalized domains like .com and .net.


5. Dot-o-mator

dot-o-mater tool

Domain Name Suggestion Features:

  • combine 2 or more keywords and generate suggestions.
  • You will get a list of possible combination and then if you like any name then you can check its availability or you can save it to your scratchboard.
  • free tool and can be useful if you want some combination of keywords or want to include some specific keyword to your domain.


Make sure to list out all the suggestion and then pick the best. If you utilize this tools, I am sure you will find the best domain name for your blog or business.

Start the search for your next website domain name and create your authority brand.

Do comment below if you think something is missing here to add in this post.

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