What is deep linking? How it help you engage users back to the app

What is deep linking? How it help you engage users back to the app

What is deep linking? How it help you engage users back to the app

If you are marketing with your mobile app and not using the deep links to drive more app engagement you are already losing potential. When working with the app, it is difficult to get good retention and retargeting of users to bring back them to the mobile app again. This leads to losing retention rate and at the endlessly engaged users leading less revenue. Let’s see what is this magical links and how I help your business to get people back to your fantastic app.

What is Deep Linking?

Deep links are a different type of link from the normal URL that when clicked, open a specific app screen in a mobile app if it is already installed or it takes the user to app install page.

If user browsing something online or gets the email that contains a deep link, it takes the user to a specific app activity page or simply any fixed app screen when clicked.

deep linking

This helps you get users back to the app. It works very well with the shopping apps where users are taken from the search engine results or from online web page to mobile app directly on the product page and user can then process further of buying or any other action on the mobile app. In case if the app is not installed on a device, the link will open a specific page that contains an app install link.

What if user not installed your app already?

In this scenario, normal deep links do not work well as it simply takes users to the page to install the app. After a user installs the app; it opens the very generic app screen which was not your intention with a deep link. This problem can be solved by the deferred deep linking.

Deferred deep linking is the process of linking a user to the specific app screen after the user installs and launches that app for the first time. This type of link carries the value of deep linking screen or activity to the app install page and then to the mobile app and open that specific screen launching the app.

deffered deep linking

How marketers can use Deep links.

Deep links clearly help you increase the app installs, engagement and conversions.

As a marketer, you need to understand which acquisition channel driving installs and conversions for your app. without deep links, it is not possible to track the organic and non-paid channels like email, SMS, social media, and web. Using deep links, you get trackable results with solid data about the acquisition sources. You can then optimize your effort on different channels that drive more returns and ditch the ones that don’t.

Deep link helps you personalize the user experience. users expect apps to be personalized especially for them. Deep links here help you achieve that by showing users the right content at the right time and this will increase activation and engagement. Deep-link provides valuable data to do so.

Wrap up:

Deep links enable markers to overcome the mobile web’s biggest limitations. it enables power personalization with tracking to collect the data that help you optimize organic channels in ways that were never possible before. Comment how you leverage the deep linking in your marketing efforts and how it helps drive more linked users.

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