Creating the New Magnetic Sector: Great Combination of PWA and Machine Learning

Creating the New Magnetic Sector

Creating the New Magnetic Sector: Great Combination of PWA and Machine Learning

In web app development, machine learning plays a crucial role beyond the expectation. Responsive web apps got popularity several years ago. Moreover, machine learning in web apps advances makes them more robust. One of the best way machine learning is trying to change the internet user experience is the Progressive Web Applications Development (PWAs).

PWAs solves many problems with traditional online apps. But still, they are the new concept for many companies. Again, even its new concept, it has already proved its versatility and improved the user experience.

However, it’s for sure that for the future of PWAs, machine learning will play a vital role. This makes sure for the progressive web application to provide a better user quality experience.

The Core benefits of Progressive Web Application

PWAs are the hybrid platform with a combination of the best features of traditional websites and online apps. There are various reasons why they are setting new standards

Progressive Web Apps Load Much Faster

The traditional apps have never cop up with the fast loading time. With PWAs its raising the bars of speed. A survey found that PWA has the capability to load 15 times faster.

Progressive Web Applications no Need to be Installed

It’s not like the traditional one who requires the proper installation. The downside is the users need to download these traditional apps to their devices. And this proves to be highly inconvenient for the devices. They take a lot of memory and spaces and leave the device in a very cluttered manner. Many apps might have glitches which interfere with other features. This encourages the user to uninstall the app immediately.

According to the survey, because of these problems, about 28 percent of the apps get uninstalled within 30 days. And this proves to be a huge problem for the businesses who are trying to expand via mobile apps. Progressive web applications do not require to install. Probably this is the most important feature which can give a lead to the PWAs.

Offline Assessment of Progressive Web Applications

The traditional apps need internet access. However, many features require the internet connection just for some of the reasons. But there are plenty of simple features that do not need the internet to operate. But its unfortunate that people are not able to use those features.  

The developers recognize this fatuous limitation. They have already created apps that can be accessed offline. This web app development uses sophisticated data technology and machine learning algorithm to get a better pulse on their users. Moreover, in addition, it also offers many features that don’t need any kind of internet connections.

PWAs Interacts with Other Devices for Superior Functionality…

Traditional apps are certainly able to connect with the devices on the Internet of Things. But still, there are devices not compatible with their programming interface.

PWAs are slightly different. They can also connect to the motion sensors, virtual reality technology and many more. It handles the push notifications and other web features that are not available with most apps.

Here the machine learning in web apps is headed towards the improvement of both the performance of apps and technology which will connect them. When the compatibility constraints between mobile devices and third-party technology are sort out, technology can easily emerge.

Security Enhancement

Security concerns have prevented many people from using traditional apps. It might be difficult to resolve all the flaws after undergoing beta testing. Many flaws not even have recognized in the initial stage of testing. It might also happen that the user also not recognize until after their devices are hacked.

Progressive web applications help to improve app security in a significant manner. Due to the configuration and network requirements, all the traffic must pass through HTTPS connections. The high-level encryption means that minimal security risks.

Machine learning in web apps is also helping in the reduction of security risk. Big data algorithm constantly screening the web packet connection requests to recognize suspicious signals. Most probably with the hacking attempts, it will update its algorithm making it more secure and strong.


Web app development with machine learning technology is setting the new standards for the mobile user experience. PWA mostly rely on machine learning. Moreover, It helps them make faster, safer and more convenient. So with this, what will be the future of this combination – Progressive Web Applications and machine learning? The answer would be in front of you with the time.

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