How Much It Cost To Create a Mobile App?

How Much It Cost To Create a Mobile App?

How Much It Cost To Create a Mobile App?

Smartphones and the internet are everywhere and an app for everything. You will find literally every service turning online in the form of mobile app right now in the market. Want to book a taxi? here is the app. want some food? Order from the mobile app. Want to buy or sell something use the mobile app.

Each and every business started working on to figure out how to enter the mobile market with the business-related apps. The days of mobile sites are gone and the responsive designs not as engaging as the mobile apps.

As you are here to find the answer, how exactly it cost to build your mobile app. Let’s see some factors that affect the cost and how you can select the best packages as per your business needs.

Mobile App Platform

Do you want an Android app or iPhone app? Or both?

You need to figure out which mobile OS is mostly used by your targeted audience and according to that, you can select to build the mobile app either in Android or in iOS or both. Most businesses prefer to go with both platform but if you are tight on budget, you can select any one.

Generally iOS and Android app cost similar, sometimes iOS will cost a bit high as the lower availability of devs and resources. But generally, it does not affect the cost as much as other factors matters.

Features You Want

This is the main point the whole cost depends. The cost will go high as much you include more features. Do users need to login/signup on your app? Can user pay from the app for any service or product? Is it an On-demand app? eCommerce app? and so on. Each functionality will plus the sum and you will need to pay high.

If you are building On-demand apps like Uber or any kind of delivery app, it will generally cost you $3000 to $5000. There will be two different types of apps and one admin panel dashboard included in this package and the developers also charge for extra add-ons like more payment methods integration or social media integration. Packages depend on the development firm but you can take a line of this cost in mind when reaching to any app development company.

Are You Hiring a Team? Company? Or Freelancer?

This also affects the cost heavily. If you hire a freelancer for this job, it will definitely cost you less compared to any IT company. Or you can manage your own team like graphic designer, developer, tester and this will cost you accordingly.

IT firms generally cost higher but you will get the standard service and support from them that not will be of that level when working with a freelancer.

Developer Location or Region

If you are hiring a firm from USA or UK it will surely cost you higher or we can say double where the same service you can get from other countries developers like India where you can save on the bills. Outsourcing work to this type of low-cost firms can help you save a lot when it comes to a big or complex app building.

Now you may think, as they are charging less, the quality of work will be not of that level. No, you are wrong. The thing works in this type of country is the availability of developers in large numbers. In only India, there are hundreds of firm providing high-quality service with industry standards at an affordable cost to stay in the competition. You will get delivered the same quality of work from a remote team, in this case, at a low cost.

The app building cost estimation depends on many other parameters except mentioned above and you need to consider each before jump-in hiring a developer.

So the clear answer of “How much it cost to develop a mobile app”.

…it depends on the complexity of app and goes from $100 to $1,00,000 as per the features and complexity.

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