Content Marketing Trends 2020

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Content Marketing Trends 2020

The content was the “King”, it’s still “The King” and it will be always.

The content creation format can be changed but Content Creation can’t be changed.

CMI (Content Marketing Institute) Report Shows that 91% of the marketers use Content to reach out to customers.

Do you want traffic on your website? Or do you want sales? And even, If you want to do branding or awareness of the brand. Then, You definitely have to create Content.


Voice Search Content Marketing

Yes! Voice Search will be the 2020 Content marketing trend.

Gartner Report says, 30% of the searches will be done without a screen by 2020.

Instead of typing, People are more likely to go with voice search.

Big Giants, Amazon ECHO, Google Assistant, iPhone Siri, and the latest duplex all are constantly working on making voice searches more better and trying to give more accurate results.

Backlinko shows, 40% of adults use voice searches only a daily basis.

The audience is giving more attention to podcasts. Because they can listen to podcasts during driving, relaxing, working.

Because Voice-based Content provides have the advantage you don’t have to on-screen like when you playing YouTube videos.

You just have to plug earphones and listen to audio according to your choices.

Voice-based Content has amazing potential. Even recently Google said, They will show podcasts( Audio Based Content) in search results.

Tip: Optimize your Content according to voice search and For podcast use a good quality mic. Because a podcast is all about voice and Voice should be clear.


Video Content Marketing

Everyday new video marketing platforms are coming in the market to grab this opportunity and to make their audience base. They know it very well, how much potential in video Content.

Because The audience Influenced by video Content is more likely to buy recommended products.

According to a report of Tubular Insights, 64% of the customers take the decision to buy products after watching branded Videos and views on video have increased 258% on Facebook and 99% on YouTube as the report of 2017.

Tip: Make High-Quality Video, Use Good Quality mic, Catchy Thumbnail or Clickable Title also fulfill the description with proper information and Please give value in your video to customers.


Micro Content Marketing

People really don’t have lots of time to watch a full video of 13 to 14 minutes. They want to pick the point immediately in a very short time.

Therefore, the Audience wants short videos maybe like 30sec to 1min to get updated about the market news.

The audience still likes to watch a movie but when it comes to knowing about something Knowledgeable they want it short and want to understand it faster.

For example- Instagram, Vine, and Recently one of the popular micro-video Content platform TikTok.

Report Says, TikTok has 500 million active users worldwide and most download apps on the iOS app store in Q1 2019.

Tip: Make it short, Keep it point to point, Don’t Confuse, Should Be High Quality With proper Voice and editing.


User-Generated Content Marketing

The Content generated by your customers is just not only help you in branding.

It helps you lot drive sales and build an amazing trust with your existing and new customers.

The main fundamental is to grow your business is to build trust.

You should definitely have to find engaging and creative ideas to get positive Content from your customers such as videos, photos, and audio.

For example- Starbucks, BMW, IBM, Adobe, etc are very cleverly using UGC to promote their business and you should do it.

According to the Reports, 61% of the marketer says Authenticity helps them to make Content marketing more effective and 79% of the people say User Generated Content helps them to make purchasing decisions.

Tip: Ask Questions, Announce Giveaways and ask them to create Content to win, Ask them to give reviews, Give them free gifts. So, then can show it with others on social media.


Live Video Content Marketing

Instead of one-way-communication. The audience more likes two-way-communication.

Reports say the Live Streaming market is going to be USD 70 Billion by 2021.

People like video, audio content, micro-content, video content, UGC. But think if, Then your audience gets to chance to directly ask a question to you or join with you.

Isn’t sounds interesting?

Yes! I’m talking about live Streaming. Where You and Your Audience both get a chance to connect with each other.

You can tell them about your products or services more interesting and they can also directly ask their questions to you.

Tip: Check Internet Quality Before Going live, Be interactive with audience Check Voice Equipment and tech support.


E-A-T Based Content

Google always tries to give more and more relevant results according to your query, but that means not they will provide the wrong information to you.

Sometimes ago Google Medic update hit lots of Health niche websites and the reasons were they weren’t authority and trusted websites.

So, Be ready if want to do well in Content marketing in 2020.

Google E-A-T update stands for:

E- Expertise

A- Authority

T- Trustworthiness

Google wants to rank or show those websites in search results who have Expertise in a specific niche, they have authority and they are trustworthy.

You should also have to build your website authority, trustworthiness and try to make it in a particular niche.

To make your website more authoritative you have to use User-generated Content, Invest your time and energy on technical security and edit old content with more value.


Memes Content Marketing

Content marketing is nothing, If you are not getting engagement on it.

Memes have done very well in 2019 and it will be 2020 Content marketing trend.

Memes not only help brands sometimes it also hurts.

Sometimes customers not happy with brand services or products. Then they create negative memes on those brands and effects very badly.

But I saw,

Brands are doing well with memes for branding, awareness and generating sales.

Lots of Big brands like – KFC, Durex, Netflix, etc.

Memes are the best example of user-generated content [UGC]. You know it very well how important is UGC.

So leverage memes Content for your brands and give chance to your audience to create memes for your brand.

People share memes more often rather than other Content.

Tip: Create Memes on occasions and on special days Wish Celebrities and Celebrate moments by making memes.



Marketing is all about Content and Content is all about Marketing. So Create lot’s of Content in 2020 to leverage content marketing successfully. For Brands, every year will be about the Content, better content. Create Best, Engagement and Creative Content for your brand. I hope 2020 will give you more success. Best of Luck!

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