Some Common Mistakes to Avoid While Building Backlinks

Building Backlinks

Some Common Mistakes to Avoid While Building Backlinks

Link building is a very important task in search engine optimization. As we all know, backlinks – links from different sites(external links) is one of the top 3 ranking factors for Google to rank any website in Google search results. SEO and digital marketers literally do anything to get links including black hat tactics to achieve higher rankings.

But wait, is it safe?

As Google continuously working to improve the search results and fighting with the different type of spam with different algorithm updates, there is a big risk while playing with backlinks. Google does not link the manual link building and you are better aware of this that accept guest postings and naturally coming links, all the other tactics to get links including directory submission and web 2.0 linkings for ranking purposes are illegal in Google’s eyes.

If you get caught, Google will reward you with a penalty and de-index your site. The online businesses who are totally depending on the website and online portfolio sites and spending a big amount on SEO can’t afford this penalty at any cost.

Below are some of the mistakes you need to avoid that get you a Google algorithm penalty.

Linking to sites with a bad reputation:

This is a common thing yet people made mistake. You should better aware of the sites whom you are linking to. A bad site linking will put you with it in quality of the website. Avoid spam sites, sites with duplicate content or thin content (never link to auto-blogging, illegal sites, and adult sites). Similarly, never get links from this type of websites. It will downgrade your website in search with spammy link reference.

Paid links:

There are many services and bloggers you will find who link to your site in exchange for some fixed amount. If the blogger is selling a link to you for money, means he also selling to other bloggers and linking to too many sites with different quality, mostly, lower quality PBN sites.

If you are planning for a long run, never buy links. It will ruin your good backlink efforts and put you in the danger of getting a spam penalty from Google.

Links from only high PR sites:

When building links, it is all about to look natural in Google’s eyes. if you focus only on high PR sites and not mix it with lower DA sites or blogs, you will easily get caught by Google.

It is very important to get links from the same or related niche and from a different type. Like a mix of EDU links, org and .com links. This will give a good signal.

As we are talking about the link weight balance, you also need to consider getting a good amount of nofollow links as well. I know I know, nofollow links do not carry link juice and will not help you rank high, but it is very important to make your link profile look natural. You can get balanced nofollow and dofollow links to play safe.

Irrelevant links:

A good example of a quality link is a dofollow link from a high PR site from the same or related niche. If you are running a blog about food and you get a 90DA link from automobile blog, it makes no sense. It is totally irrelevant from what you are offering to users on your site and hence it will not help you rank in any way. Links from same niche/topic will increase your content authority and Google will surely reward you with better rankings.

Anchor text:

Anchor text is very important when building links. It tells Google what the linked page is about. And related keywords as anchor text will increase that page’s ranking in search results. However, Google is enough smart. It can easily detect the anchor text spam. If you start building links with the same exact targeted anchor text, you will get a penalty. So never, do this mistake of targeting exact ranking keyword into the anchor text. Instead, you can mix all the anchor with different types.

A natural link profile mostly made of below different link anchors.

Brand word:

website or brand name. If building link for Semrush. Use “Semrush” as anchor text.

Exact URL:

Exact URL means, the naked URL itself. “” as an anchor linking to page

LSI + long tail keywords:

You can add related long tail keywords and phrases as an anchor text. it will keep the relevancy without spamming.

Generic words:

Generic words are some mostly used keywords to link the site like “learn more”, “click here”, “website”. Use these type of words when linking to make it look more general and less spam.

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Hardik donda
  • Moss Clement
    Posted at 09:27h, 07 June Reply

    Great and interesting read you have here. Link building is a remarkable SEO tip that can skyrocket your website traffic more than you can imagine. I love using LSI keywords to optimize my content, and also long-tail keywords because they are less competitive but has the power to drive massive traffic to your site.

    Thanks so much for sharing this insightful information.

  • Navin Rao
    Posted at 09:42h, 14 July Reply

    Any new website needs a lot of links to rank the pages better in the search engines. Yeah, I agree, it’s all about mixing all type of links, Nothing to be overdone and be safe. It’s always wise to have a diverse Anchor text for your site.

    I big no to Paid links, if they are selling links then sooner or later it will be a spam website. Staying away from it. SEO is interesting if done in the right way without stressing too much.

    Great Insights. Have a great day!

  • Santanu
    Posted at 02:49h, 20 July Reply

    Without backlink, it is impossible to get the higher ranking. But for a new website, it is very difficult to get a natural backlink. But one can try guest post, blog commenting and at the same time write a quality article to attract share. This is an awesome article for beginners to learn and avoid mistakes.

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