11 Reasons why your Business needs a mobile app ? and how to get one.

Why Your Business Needs Mobile Apps

11 Reasons why your Business needs a mobile app ? and how to get one.

The number of smartphone users is increasing day by day. People want everything in their small screen smartphones. As per Google, more than 57% people prefer to use mobile phone compare to the desktop or laptop for daily internet use.

With the responsive site, now it is possible to provide a good user interface on the mobile web by responsive site design. If we talk about mobile phones, except for the responsive website, mobile apps are a great medium to provide information and services directly to the user.

Mobile apps are getting a more powerful and engaging medium for businesses to increase the sale and provide info to users. Only in Google play store, there are more than 2.8 million apps in March 2017. And this number is increasing rapidly. More and more companies publishing their business apps to stay in the competition.

If you are still not convinced to get mobile apps for your business and confuse between the mobile responsive website and native mobile app.

Let’s see what you will get in both and which is better for your business…

Mobile Responsive Site vs Mobile Apps

mobile apps vs responsive sites

People spending more time on mobile than ever. In the case of a website, the user will only surf or access the site when it is needed and then jump off. You don’t have any way to ping them and bring back for more engagement with your services or products you are selling.
While in the mobile apps, it is installed in the users mobile and you can send notifications and show promotional offers and other deals to excite them to check your app and interact with updated information and services.

Let’s take the example of commerce site Amazon and its mobile app.

If user not installed the mobile app, then he/she will only go to Amazon’s website and check or browse the products when they need to buy anything and after that, they will not return on site until any other need arises.

Now think of another situation where the user has installed the app.

The first and best thing is that when the user wants to buy something, mobile app interface will provide a better experience and it will more likely to hold the user on products that will increase the change of product purchase.

Second thing, when the user is not up to any purchase, Amazon can send promotional notification and new offers directly to user’ mobile phone that will bring back users to purchase more in a quick way.

Users will be happy as they get the benefit of offers and company will be happy as they get more sales.

So even if you are providing the mobile-friendly website, you need to think about the business app before your competitor takes over the mobile app market in your industry.

Here are some benefits your company/business will get with the Business apps.

1) Reaching more audience

As we know, there is a new mobile app users market generate with big potential. In only 2016, there are more than 96 billion apps downloaded in the world. And as per Yahoo’s report, people using mobile, spend 90% time on mobile apps. The average American spends 160 minutes per day on mobile. You can calculate the importance of mobile app from this all numbers.

2) Easy to discover new product and services for users

As a business owner, it is very important to spread the word about your new product and service to the existing and new (targeted) audience. The app will work best in this case.

You can showcase your products and services in your app so users get to know about it. Think of the eStore again. The app will be the best place to showcase new arrivals and offers in the shop.

3) Visibility

It is the best opportunity for a business like you’re to make a presence in user’s daily life with mobile apps. People spending more time on smartphones and you can connect with them and engage more effectively. If you have a food business, you can pinch users on weekends and special days from your app.

4) Direct marketing

With the use of business apps, you able to connect with the user and can easily give information about new product announcement or upcoming sales or any discount offers. You can make more people use your mobile app by giving special offers only available on the mobile app.

Flipkart was giving more offers and discount on the mobile app compare to the website for the same app to drive more installs. This way they able to reach more mobile app users and the user also likely to check mobile app for deals and offers.

5) Way to provide customer service and support

Mobile apps are a handy way to access services. And for business, it is the best way to provide better user experience compared to a website or any other channel.

Adding live chat support or a simple FAQ list will help users to get quick help this will build the trust and brand value. Suppose you are surfing a shopping app and want to make sure about some return policy or had other doubt about product purchase.

What if you get live chat support from the same interface?

Users will not need to go to the website or do email/call to reach to customer support. Live support agent will chat with you and solve the query. Simple and time-saving. Isn’t it cool?

Customer satisfaction is the main priority in any business to grow. By helping users you are increasing the chance of repeat service or order and you will build your trusted buyers community.

6) Brand reorganization

The mobile app will let you standouts from the crowd. As big businesses already providing the apps, it is the chance for small or medium scale business to increase the authority by giving mobile apps. This will solidify your identity as a trusted company and users will trust more on your brand.

7) Increase engagement

As we discussed earlier; the mobile app can be proved as the best engagement channel. By providing live chat or another in-app service, using the push notification you will able to engage more with the user and as per their behavior, you can provide customized services. Using an app, users will find the information more quickly on the go and that will clear doubts if any they have.

8) Promotion & sales

Push notification is the best way to grab your customer’s notice. You can promote your service by providing regular offers and rewards to mobile app users. If you are selling anything online, this will increase the opportunity to buy the product.

In the website, you need to wait till the user lands on your site then only you can offer any service. Where in the mobile app, you can use push notification to drive the user’s attention.

9) Easy to purchase

For e-commerce sites, the mobile app is the best way to provide a very easy process to purchase anything from mobile. With integrated payment methods, the user can browse and buy any product with the very simple user interface on the app. It is more convenient to purchase using mobile app compare to the website on mobile. Just a few taps on screen and order will be on the way to deliver.

10) Stay updated with the latest trend

It is the time of smartphones. If you are not pushing yourself and your company with the latest trend, you are already looking in a competitive market.

In the information world, things move fast, past trends now became an old fashion and outdated with time. So it is very important to follow the trend in your industry to attract more customer and the business app is the new trend and needy thing similar to the website.

11) Get customer insights

This is one of the biggest benefits of having an app. you will get detailed data about customer including demographics of users, segments, regions, customer needs and overall performance of your app. You can then easily use this data in your marketing strategies and in product or service enhancement.

It is very easy to get feedback from a customer with a mobile app which helps you improve the service and let you understand how your customers want your service. This way your business will get more room to enhance the service that will at the end increase truth and sales on your side.

Ok. I am agreed, my business needs an app. But how to get one?

There are many ways to build and mobile app. You can consider below points to create your own business app.

1. Select platform

You need to select the platform on which your business needs to provide the app. You can analyze your customer demographics and find which platform your users are using more.

Android and iOS are the biggest platforms covering almost 95% of mobile market share. Where Android covers nearly 68 to 70% of the mobile phone market.

Generally, business launch both Android and iOS apps. But if your business can’t afford the cost of two apps, you can focus on any single most used platform by your users.

This will help you decrease the cost and you will able to provide the app to most of the users also.

2. Hire a full-time team or find freelancer??

Many businesses do this mistake. They develop the app from freelancer to reduce the cost. It is not a bad idea, but after the app delivered to you, you are not techy enough to update it and solve bugs if any comes in future. This will result in a buggy annoying app and your clients will not like it at all.

Another option is that you hire a full-time developer team. It is not feasible for small businesses as their requirement is only one or two app. In this case, it will cost big for the company to hire full-time developers.

Instead of this two options, you can consult any good app development company ( yes, we are the best. Contact us) that gives you perfect product following the market standards and after the sale support also from the same place.

This will definitely cost you a bit higher than hiring a freelancer, but the service you will get, it is worth to spend some extra bucks.

Here are some benefits you will get with Tecocraft – App Development Company

  • Sharp edge app with the latest technology
  • Experienced developers team to deliver high-quality code
  • Expert suggestion on features that will help increase your business
  • Excellent After sale support
  • Maintenance support
  • Cost-effective -even small business firm or company can afford
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