Big Data: Create Futuristic and Secure Mobile Apps

Big Data in Mobile Apps

Big Data: Create Futuristic and Secure Mobile Apps

This is the business era where every business wants to be on the top of the monetization and work. All want to be the best. But how many of the businesses know that today the raw material that can lead them to their growth and success is Data? A huge amount of data is the solution that you can use. Not every business but everything is based on data. The mobile app development industry is no exception to this.

Coming to the healthcare mobile app development companies, they are analyzing the big data for getting the idea of the pattern and streamline the decision making for the future. What the developers do is exploit the data and created by the users on a daily basis. According to this data exploitation, they are into the development process for efficient and secure apps.

Have you ever thought of how big data and analytics can be efficient in developing mobile apps more secure and innovative? Let’s see how these big data can be involved and be beneficial for mobile apps in healthcare.

How Big Data is Beneficial in the Development of Mobile apps in Healthcare?

According to the statistics, the number of downloads of mobile apps worldwide is predicted to be 258.2 billion by 2022. Now, these are the shocking numbers for everyone, isn’t it? This show that there is a huge user base that the data on a daily basis. This data might reach to the yottabyte level in the near future.Number of mobile app downloads worldwide in 2017, 2018 and 2022

Now comes the key problem to face. These data are the unstructured ones. These data need a high-level of analysis to crunch it down the numbers and figure out the valuable insights out of the numbers. Moreover, big data analytics has many tools that can help with healthcare mobility. It helps the developers with collecting, organizing and evaluating data sets in order to identify the market trends.

To optimize the existing apps, they use the tools. Some of the tools that the developers use are Spark, MongoDB, Tableau, Hadoop, Cloudera, Hive, etc. All these tools help the developers to efficiently add the features in their futuristic mobile apps.

How the Companies are Leveraging the Big Data in Healthcare for the Futuristic and Secure Mobile Apps?

After exploring the significance of the big data in mobile app development, it is important to know about how the experts exploit the potential of big data to develop better apps.

Let’s have a look at it,

1. Helps in User Experience Analytics

Big data can provide valuable insights into the behavioral pattern of the users. This can be the beginning of identifying the loopholes in user experience and adding the necessary measures to fill those gaps. In addition, it also gives information about the user requirement by analyzing their behavior as for apps.

A mobile app developer can develop the app considering the needs of the users by evaluating the big data of the existing apps in the same category. For example, there are many health and fitness apps you can prefer like workout trainer app.

In case of developing a similar app, the developers can analyze the usage of customers and find the advanced features with can be in demand that needs an upgrade. They can add that to their apps in addition. Make your app unique at some point where the users find interesting and they switch to your app.

2. Facilitates the Mobile App Development to Meet Specific User Requirements

In the era of the smartphone, users spend their 88 percent of the time on accessing the different mobile apps. In the market, the apps are available for almost everything. Apps from traveling to shopping and eating to listening. Mobile apps make the process easy and save the customer’s time. They can do anything from anywhere in the world. And so the mobile app market is competitive as well as volatile.

Every business owner is looking for investing in the world of apps. But the dynamism has made it difficult for every owner and developer to get the idea of an innovative feature that can be unique for their users. But with the help of Big Data analytics, the developers can create intuitive and customized customer centric app with better features.

Carefully analyzing the data, the developers can also get all the essential information about how users are interacting with the particular app. With this, they can get an idea of what users are trying to accomplish while using the apps. Getting familiar with what the customer actually wants can be helpful to the programmers to develop a better featured mobile app in healthcare. This is way more important to do because the healthcare industry has a huge volume of data, big data in healthcare with the potential to analyze via analytics tools.

Moreover, with the big data in healthcare, the developers can use the analytics tool to analyze the data. With the analysis, the developers can use big data solutions to identify the advanced features which can make the app more usable and productive.

3. Boosting Overall App Performance

With the help of big data, the developers can gain the insights of the traffic generated by the apps. This can make the developer’s tasks easy. They can easily evaluate every individual’s segments to track the engagements and spot the glitches restricting the smooth performance.

To minimize user abandonment rates, the developers can easily fix these issues and enhance their overall performance. Additionally, the users are more passionate to use the apps which are backed by the developers who are totally dedicated. Dedicated to the improvement of the apps with the advanced features and functions to retain the functionality of the apps.

4. Assists in Mobile App Development that can Serve to the International Market

Every app owner wants his app to serve the whole world. But it’s difficult to gain an idea of how the customers from different countries and regions would react.

Now here the big data comes into the picture. It allows the developer to filter the data according to age, location, gender, etc. The developers can target the specific category of the audience and can update their app according to the audience’s requirements.

5. Instant Decision Making – Offer Real-Time data

The mobile app market is highly dynamic. It changes every time the new trend coming over the horizon frequently. So if you want to make your mobile app successful over the world you need to stay ahead of the latest trends with the help of evaluation of the real-time data.

Big data solutions also offer real-time data that can be used by entrepreneurs to take big and quick decisions. Because of this, the entrepreneur can know when to shift the app according to the changing market. This will make the app more relevant and productive which might make more profits for the brand in the future.

6. Assists in Scaling up User Engagement and App Revenue

Big data gives plenty of the different aspect information related to the way in which users interact with the particular app. Properly evaluation of specific needs, preferences, pain points, etc you can easily work on the strategy for maximizing the conversation.


Earlier your users are a prospect for you. When your sales manager starts engaging with the prospects, they pass through the different stages of pipeline in your CRM platform. When you learn the different deals about them you start recording in your pipeline management software or your CRM platform.

By this, you can also decide which push notification you should send to your customers for the purpose of engagement. This step would help in increasing the number of users using your app. And as a result the revenue would also increase.

Try to develop your app by analyzing the big data in the healthcare industry. It’s the industry where you have a lot to work with.

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