Best Mobile App Development Frameworks to Look Out in 2019

Mobile App Development Frameworks

Best Mobile App Development Frameworks to Look Out in 2019

Today mobile app development makes life easier and so that for business, it is the right strategy. Nowadays, business is switching from desktop to mobile application to reach out the targeted audience. But in today’s competitive marketplace mobile industry going through the tough part to selection for the right framework for the development.

Day by day new programming languages has been increasing for both mobile OS Android and iOS. So it is the crucial part for the developers to select the best mobile app development frameworks. And framework plays important role in converting iOS into the Android app as well as an Android app to iOS app.

So, let’s see the top frameworks that will become the most useful tools for mobile app development industry…

1. Flutter:

Flutter is Google-owned open-source mobile app development framework. It is using for developing an Android and iOS application. Flutter framework is written in C++ and providing low-level rendering(computer graphics) support using Google’s graphics library Skia. And flutter foundation library written in Dart.

Flutter framework is also using to building beautiful UI. It contains two widgets that confirm specific design languages. It has Material widgets to implement Google’s design and Cupertino widgets to implement Apple’s design.

2. Ionic Framework:

Ionic is the most used framework for developing mobile apps. It is built using AngularJS and Apache Cordova. Best things about this framework are that it is free of cost and it can use to develop hybrid apps with using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

The ionic framework contains 120 native devices features like Bluetooth, Fingerprint Auth, HealthKit and much more. Ionic works best with Apache Cordova.

3. Xamarin:

Xamarin is a Microsoft-owned framework to develop cross-platform application development. It is different from all other frameworks because it provides a single language C# and runtime for all three mobile app development platform Android, iOS and Windows. You can use Xamarin to develop native apps. Xamarin offers code sharing with the help of Windows and Mac OS which save a lot of time of developers.

4. React Native:

React native is the most popular cross-platform app development framework launched by Facebook and the community of individual developers and companies.

It is open-source framework supports IDEs and other mobile app development tools. It is one of the best frameworks for building native apps for Android and iOS. You can choose to React for web app development and React native for mobile app development.

5. Intel XDK:

Intel XDK is used to create native apps for mobiles, and tablets using web technologies like HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. In this first apps were created and simulated using IDE (Integrated Development Environment) and then it exported into Adobe PhoneGap or Cordova for the compilation into a native app.

Intel XDK supports future technologies like on-board IoT apps and popular framework like NodeJS. Using Intel XDK, you have the benefits of previewing your project live if you are making any editing. And also you have the option to create apps using drag and drop.

6. Adobe PhoneGap:

Adobe PhoneGap is again the popular framework for developing cross-platform app development. It is used to develop a hybrid application in which developers can develop apps using web technologies like HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. It is at top of the list if you are planning to develop hybrid apps.

The best part about this framework is that it offers freedom to the developers so that they can work without hardware restriction. You can add more functionality to the app using plugins. PhoneGap can develop apps for all the major OS like Android and iOS.

7. Mobile Angular UI:

A Mobile Angular UI is mainly used to create hybrid apps. It combines the implementation of Bootstrap and Angular framework so that you can build apps using HTML5. It is a free framework and the developers can use fastclick.js and overthrow.js for a smooth and seamless experience in development.

8. JQuery Mobile:

JQuery is an HTML5 based app development framework. The biggest advantage of this framework is that just one single version of the code develop and can run across all the devices. It can use to develop mobile apps as well as websites and it supports all the OS like Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS, Firefox, Kindle, Blackberry etc.

JQuery has two versions: customized framework and the latest stable version. JQuery becomes the ideal choice for development because it comes with different plugins which provide faster app development.

9. Corona SDK:

Corona SDK provides 10 times speedy app development as compared to other frameworks. The reason behind faster development is that Corona backend supported with Lua which is a light-weight programming language that provides faster speed, ease of usage as well as flexibility to develop apps.

If you want to code fast as well as maintain the quality of apps then Corona SDK is the best choice for app development and best thing id it free of cost and support all platforms like Windows, MacOS etc.

10. Native Scripts:

A native script is an open-source framework and listed in the top-ranked framework for the hybrid app development. Native scripts support JavaScripts frameworks including Angular and Vue. The apps built using this framework are fully native apps and using the same APIs if they were built in Android Studio or Xcode.


The frameworks play a crucial role in developing a mobile application or web application. You must be sure to select the right framework for because every project or application has different requirements. In the upcoming year, we’ll see the mixture of many popular frameworks but above-mentioned will on the top priority for the developers.

What’s your thought regarding a mobile app development frameworks? Share your thoughts in a comment section.

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