Best marketing tactics to drive E-commerce sales this Christmas


Best marketing tactics to drive E-commerce sales this Christmas

Hip-Hip Hurray! Christmas is coming. Everyone is excited, to Send and receive gifts from their parents and friends. Christmas is the festival celebrated all over the world. That means Too much traffic and traffic = money. Lot’s of Money. But, the question is how to attract the traffic towards your web or landing page to buy the stuff.

Ok! No Worry. I have 10 best marketing tactics to drive traffic on your web or landing page on this Christmas.

Let’s have look at the tactics:


Use Influencers to build trust

I personally think still people buy from other recommendations. When the recommendation comes from that person who they follow or from inspired. Then, It’s increasing in Chances. They will buy it from you.  According to your product niche, you can pick social media influencers.

This will not only increase traffic on your web page also built trust in the consumer mind. Because your web page is recommended by a reputed and trusted person.

Make Sure! The person or Influencer you pick for your brand promotion should have an engaging audience.

Tips: Before choosing any Influencers for your brand Check theirs Relevancy, Engagement, Reach, Authenticity.


Free Shipping a great deal

Not a very amazing idea but it can work as a competitive advantage if your competitors are not using these tactics.

People are most likely to buy products from there where they will get free shipping instead of pay for shipping. You can do cross-selling to absorb the free shipping cost. Show them free shipping as part of the deal.

Fact: According to the report of Stitch Labs, Those Retailers are giving free shipping they found eCommerce sales growth of 10%.


Leverage Social Media to drive eCommerce sales

Social media is key to drive traffic on your web or landing page. But you should know it very well.

Social media all about the content. The more engaging or Knowledgeable content you provide to your audience about your brand. That much, The chances of sales will increase.

You can also run paid advertisements on social media like Facebook or Instagram. You can use Facebook pixels for retargeting.


Content Marketing to boost sales

Content is king. All you know about it. You can create content about your specific product or about the specific offers and then advertise it on YouTube. Because Report says, most people check out the review of products on YouTube before buying it. 

You can also sponsor some Youtubers to promote you in their videos. For this, you can give them a commission on sales or can directly pay a fixed amount to them. You can also sponsor some bloggers in your niche to write about your brand or about your offers. This can also help you increase your eCommerce sales.

Lots of brands use these marketing tactics to boost sales.

Fact: 68% of customers use YouTube to find out what to buy.


Collaborate With Brands

Doing Collaboration with other brands isn’t a bad idea at all. This will not only increase traffic on your web page, but It also sends potential customers to you. You both can do cross-promotion of each other to increase eCommerce sales.


Create Urgency for better deal

The one best and successful marketing tactic to increase your sales, Create Urgency. You have to hype by running social media campaigns.

You have to tell you, customers. They are going loss they life one the best product. They will never get this kind of deal ever again. This is the only moment when they are getting the best deal or discount on the best product.

This kind of marketing hype or urgency you have to create in the front of the customer. So they get in thought. If they will not buy it now then it’s their loss. You can show countdown or some like that.


Cross-Selling to increase sales

This tactic is not only for this Christmas. This tactic is evergreen. You should use it daily to increase your sales or revenue, if you are not using it then more chances you have lost very potential customers. First let me tell you, what is cross-selling? This is the practice of convincing customers to buy related products.

For example: If you are selling a Smartphone then you can recommend your customers to buy phone back covers + tempered glass + earphones etc. This way you can do cross-selling to increase your revenue.

Fact: Report says, It’s 60-70% easier to sell products to your existing customer, as compared to a new perspective.


Offer Discounts to build your brand

Customers always love discounts, me too. This strategy sometimes gets you in the loss. If you will give heavy discounts. What I will suggest you do is give discounts on your main products and try to cross-sell. This tactic will at least help you to position your brand in your customer’s minds and aware them of your brand or services.

Big e-commerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc are already given too large discounts.

So, It will be difficult to sell your products if you selling the same products.


Sell Unique Products

The best thing about the unique products is you can sell according to your pricing.

People will buy your products. If your product has the quality and it’s more likely eye-catchy.

Everyone trying to sell their old version products.

But, You come with something new or unique. So think himself. What Customers buy? old dated or new and unique. The answer is simple – New and Unique.  Even people’s ready to buy expensive products if it’s unique, attractive or solving their problem.


Mouth – Of -Word Strategy

One of the best strategies to sell more this Christmas.

Creating the Mouth of Word is a little bit hard because this work is mostly done by your Customers.

You have to engage with your customers and ask them to share your product.

To Create mouth-of-word you have created lots of high-quality engaging content so your audience can share with others.

If your audience creating content for your brand then it will more easily spread word of mouth about your brand.

Giving discounts and selling unique products also creates a mouth of word about your brand.

Our Ultimate goal for this year is to increase eCommerce sales. So these marketing tactics will help you reach out to the more targeted audience.

This is one of the best tactics to increase your sales this Christmas.

Fact: 90% of people are more likely to buy products from a brand recommended by their friends.



As an entrepreneur, you always looking for opportunities and Christmas is the best one to grab. Always use the trend to sell your products and grow your revenue. Hope! These tactics will help you this Christmas to boost your revenue.

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