Best Framework For Android App Development

Android application development frameworks

Best Framework For Android App Development

Nowadays, it’s necessary to have an app for your business. If you really want to grow your business worldwide.

Android is the best selling OS worldwide on the smartphone.

In 2019 Google said in the I/O conference, Android has the base of 2.5 billion active devices.

Even, brands also started getting the importance of apps and right now most of the popular brands have their android app.

Small business is also involving in it but still not involved properly. Maybe they have lack of knowledge.

So this little guide would help them to get to know about frameworks of android of development.

Benefits of Having Your Brands Application

1. Helpful to build trust with your customers

2. Make your marketing effort more easy, cheap and profitable.

3. You can easily promote your new product or offers with your application users.

4. You can build your own customer base.

5. Stay connected with your existing customers.

6. Applications are best to build loyalty with your customers.

So first let me tell you about the framework.

These are only a few benefits of having an application. Lots more out there.

What is the framework?

Frameworks are a kind of software or platform where you can build applications.

A framework includes code library, compiler and other programs used during the application building process.

It provides you generic things that all applications need.

Basically its make your application building process easier.

Now let see some,

Best framework to build an android application

1. Unity

Unity application development framework is popular for his 2D, 3D, Augmented reality and virtual reality games.

The language of unity is the same as javascript. You can work on unity with C# or unity script languages.

According to reports, In 2018 half of the games and 60% of the Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality games are made with unity.

It’s easy to use platform for developers to create an amazing and content and strong connection with the audience.

2. Corona SDK

Corona is the best software development kit for making speedy apps and games.

Corona was developed in 2009.

Corona is available free for both MAC and Windows with testing g support.

This framework has native UI support over 500 API’s and also available dynamic advertising platform for developers.

Corona SDK is simple to understand and integrate into android. This framework has a very good amount of popularity among the android developers.

3. Kotlin

In 2017, Google officially declared Kotlin as IDE ( Integrated Development Environment) for android development.

Kotlin framework works on Java virtual machine and 100% interoperable.

Many programmers have adopted Kotlin as their primary application development language.

In a recent report of stack overflow, kotlin ranked in 4th position for most loved programming languages.

Application made with kotlin runs as fast as created on javascript as they share similar bytecode structure.

Companies like Trello, Netflix, Basecamp, Twitter, Airbnb, Pinterest are moving towards to build applications development.

4. PhoneGap

PhoneGap is an open-source framework that allows developers to develop applications by using web development technologies.

This frame is supported by Apache and Adobe. PhoneGap is commonly used for making hybrid apps.

While making an app on this framework. You can see all changes during the development of the app.

PhoneGap helps developers to create applications for several operating systems.

5. NativeScript

The native script is listed as the top hybrid application development framework.

It is a free open-source framework that allows developers to build apps using Vue, TypeScript, and Angular.

Developers who are well versed in HTML, Javascript, Native UI. They can build an amazing progressive app with this framework.

NativeScript framework allows high performance on all Native platform APIs.

6. Ionic

Ionic is the best and open source framework that is certified by MIT.

By using this framework you can build hybrid applications with the help of HTML5, CSS3, and javascript.

Ionic has been one of the popular android app development framework because of its cross-functional platform and ability to integrate with AngularJs.

Ionic is very popular worldwide. Around 4 million apps are made with Ionic by 5 million developers in around 200 countries.

One of the best things is, it’s integrated with many services like Google Play, Instagram and many more.

7. Sencha Touch

Sencha touch framework is based on HTML5 and javascript. By using this framework you can create universal applications for android.

It comes with 50 inbuilt UI components and native themes. This framework utilizes hardware acceleration technique.

Sencha considered the world one of the best apps development framework by the developer’s community.

Big companies go for Sencha because of its fast execution, flexibility, responsive touch features and high-level compatibility.

8. React Native

React native is a powerful open-source framework that offers ample support to other development tools and their IDE’s.

Around 1600 developers have used this framework to build applications.

As per Google, this framework is gained very good popularity in the last few years.

Big companies like — Tesla, Instagram, Airbnb, Walmart uses React Native framework to build native applications and almost worldwide 500 fortune companies use react native.

9. Titanium

Titanium is also an open-source platform where developers can create clean and visual appeal apps that are native.

Titanium included API builder with hyperloop and all these things are free to use.

10. TheApp Builder

This framework is amazing for those who don’t want to do any type of coding.

TheApp Builder is powered by HTML5 and you build a solid app with the framework.

With the help of this framework, you just have to drag and drop and you can quickly make an outstanding application.

This framework comes with pre-built blocks like — feedback, content update, polls, push notifications and much more.

Wrap Up

I hope you guys have understood the importance of applying for your business.

I’m sure, this guide will help you to find out your best framework to build your application.

This is the beginning stage and I think you should choose it very carefully.

If you have found out something really very informative then make sure. You share it with other android app developers.

Best of Luck !

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