App Store Optimization Tips To Boost Your App Downloads

App Store Optimization Tips To Boost Your App Downloads

App Store Optimization Tips To Boost Your App Downloads

Have you published your business or personal application on the app store?

But, worry about SEO & downloads.

Today in this article,

I’m going to share with you the best tips to increase your application downloads.

And will also guide you on how can you optimize your application for the app store.

Before telling you about app store SEO or any tips. Let me tell you:

What is App Store SEO?

As we all know, SEO stands for Search engine optimization and SEO is the practice of optimizing your website as per the search engine to get better rank and maximum traffic.

Same, app stores are also a kind of search engine for applications.

Most people search for any app in the app store instead of google or yahoo.

Now, the next question comes in mind, how to do SEO of your apps in the app store.

SEO tactics to increase your apps downloads

Let me share with you some SEO tactics and then will share some tips to boost your application downloads.

But, while doing SEO. Always keep one thing in your mind. Seo takes time but the results are also that much amazing.

So, keep patience!

Think like a user:

Ask some question to yourself!

Why user will download your app?

How they will search your app in the app store? Think naturally ?.

Understand your user’s point of view. Understand their search query and optimize according to it.

Put Keywords in your title & description:

If you aren’t using keywords in your title and description then you are losing too many downloads.

Let me show you some examples:

title and description

Popular apps in the app store are also using keywords in the title. They are not only putting their brand name.

Because whenever you search any query in google or any app store.

They, they try to show you more relevant search results and keywords in the title help them to give you more relevant results.

Also, put keywords in your description but don’t do keyword stuffing. In the description show them benefits of your app.

In the description, instead of telling them to download your app. Tell them how this app will solve their problems.

See the above picture and the mentioned subtitle. They have put their subtitle with their keyword and it’s also looking like good.

use subtitle

Also, try something like this yourself to optimize your apps for app stores.

App icon:

The report says a better app icon can increase your app downloads up to 560%.

Don’t underestimate the power of a good app icon. Sometimes we also determine the good and useful apps through their icon.

Use High-Quality ScreenShots:

I know you can do this in a better way. We also install apps through app stores and before downloading any app we want to know what we will get in it.

The best way to tell your user about your app and what they will get in it is.

Use high-quality screenshots!

Even the report says, your first two high-quality screenshots can increase your downloads up to 25%.

And more things try to get your apps vertical screenshot. As given in below picture:

Use high quality screenshots

App Preview Video:

Not every app company using this feature but if you can provide a preview video of your app.

Then, nothing is better than it!

Like — if your app is a game then make sure you are providing app preview video. Users love it

According to store maven reports, app preview video can boost your app downloads up to 23%.

Some tips to make the best app preview video;

  • In starring 5-6 second try to grab your user’s attention.
  • In the app preview, share your app best benefits instead of telling all the benefits.
  • Make it high quality.
  • Make sure your video making sense even without have audio.
  • Call To Action is needed at the end.


App Store Ratings Matters:

Yes! App store ratings matter a lot. If your app is getting 4 start ratings then users more likely to download your apps.

Question is?

How can you get a 5-star rating?

The simple answer is don’t beg every time for ratings to your users.

As a user, If iI had installed any app and that app is asking me for rating every time it makes frustrating.

And sure, your all interface matter a lot. Nowadays, most people have high-quality smartphones and they also like good quality apps or watching movies, etc.

So, it’s important to take care you are using high-quality graphics to your app.

Circa News is one of the best examples of 5-star ratings. 90% of the ratings of this app is 5 star.

How can you get a 5-star rating?One more tip, I want to give you is. Try to reply to your reviews. At least, in the beginning, do it very quickly.

App Size:

People don’t like to download and carry very large apps on their phones. Even they have high storage phones.

Try to reduce your app size around 100-200mb. Don’t make it too much large and heavy.

The report says, 98% of top free apps and 62% paid apps are under 100mb.

If you are a game lover, you must know about the trending game PUBG. This game is a file of around 2GB and many users didn’t install because of his heavyweight.

But later they release PUBG LITE and peoples are loving it because they have a good quality game with low size.

Regular App Updates:

Regular updates are important but don’t give them daily app updates because sometimes it frustrating.

By giving regular update you build a good connection with your existing customer and these things send a message to them. You are trustworthy.

When they find your trustworthy. They also recommend your app to their friends or family members.

In regular updates try to resolve problems and also comes with some best and news features.


Guys, it’s really not hard to get apps to download but the difficult things are to build truth with your existing users.

If you can do this properly they will automatically help you to boost your downloads.

Profit is important but if you will only run towards and doesn’t look for customers need and satisfaction.

You can’t stay longer in the market.

Best of Luck !




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