Whats wow in Android Oreo?

Whats wow in Android Oreo?

Whats wow in Android Oreo?

As it is the official released by Google, a new version of Android operating system 8.0 is named Oreo following the sweet naming series in version names. Google officially announced the new backbone of the Android system update, android Oreo and rolled out in pixel and some Nexus devices as a beta release. If you are holding any flagship devices, you will likely to get this update after a month.

Google release this version on the eclipse day showing the related animation in which Oreo landing the sky to earth. This update consists of many good enhancements mostly in battery life and UI. You will get a better stock UI with control over the battery draining background apps.

Let’s take a look what’s new in Android O…

1) Settings Menu New Design

Setting menu redesigned to provide more simple, straight interface. Dark gray fonts with the clean white background. It’s better than ever.
You will not find the side navigation menu as given in nougat. This visual change is providing a more vanilla interface on the stock.

setting menu change in android Orio

2) File Manager Design Change

orio new features in android

Ok, this is a bit difficult to accept for all. if you are not using es file explorer and like the stock simple file manager, you will find google drive in your Oreo file manager option. What google trying to do here? the file manager interface is the same as the Google drive. Not all of us will like this.

3) Background Activity Restrictions

This is the major point in this update, where you are in full control to let run any process in the background or kill it. This will save a lot of battery. Starting from Doze mode in marshmallow, Google focused on the battery, and this feature will give a better battery life. In Oreo, there will be Background execution limits and that will not run any app wildly in the background.

4) New Emoji

android o new emojis

Finally, the circle yellows are replaced with more realistic emojis. You will find a new set of emojis with Oreo that added some new one and changed the look and shape of old emojis.

5) A picture in picture mode

Play youtube video in the background. yup, needy update. With this feature, Oreo introduced a different type of multitasking where you can play video on a small screen while working on other Android screens. currently, youtube and VLC is supported.

android o features picture in picture

6) Smarty Wifi

Wifi gets smarter. Not a big change, will work normally as you turn on or off and connect to the network. The new thing here is it will automatically get on and connects to the wifi when you are on a home or other place where you had previously connected to any wifi.
There is an option in settings of “automatic wifi connect” by enabling it, your mobile will get to know if you are on the location from where you have wifi access in past from your Geolocation and it will turn on the wifi.

7) Autofill Data

When working on Chrome or Other browsers, you know how it auto-fill data in forms? You will get the same in your mobile apps forms. Each app can create and manage the autofill data. Primarily you will get the passwords from your synced Chrome smart lock.

8)Improved Bluetooth

Bluetooth audio quality is always criticized and there are needs to improve. Google updated the Bluetooth audio quality with high-quality Bluetooth codecs including Sony’s LDAC.

9) Fingerprint scanner Gestures added

Remember the fingerprint swipe gesture in a pixel that expands the notification tray? Well, here Google is trying to provide this in all devices. Third-party app developers can now use an accessibility service to monitor the fingerprint scanner swipers and use for various events.

These are the nine new features I liked the most. there are more than these. Comment what’s you loved the most in new Android ¬†Oreo.

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