Android Instant Apps and How to Use It?

Android Instant Apps and How to Use It?

Android Instant Apps and How to Use It?

An app for everything. Each service either it is social media or new channel, they all providing mobile apps for instant access. You need to keep different apps for each individual service and need to update it over time.

Android updates the apps automatically, but it is not feasible in low memory devices to keep an app of 100mb in mobile constantly working in the background and updated almost every week.

Here is the solution. Instant apps. Google working on this from a long time and finally, it is the reality that you can use any app without installing it on your mobile and it still a native android app. An instant app is a new facility that let you stream the app on your device without installing it. So whenever you need, just stream the app and get an updated version of the app to access each time.

Google announced and gave a first look of instant apps on Google I/O 2016.

What Are Instant Apps Exactly?

It is minified version of the Android app that allows the user to stream the cloud based app version on the mobile. It is the best way to try any app before installing to mobile and it saves the time and data as well.

Instant apps first rolled out support for nexus 6p, pixel, and pixel XL devices and now more devices getting the support. As per android dev site, they already start supporting API level 23 (v 6.0) and higher version of Android and will shortly release for Android 5.0.

Instant apps are the big move for android development future and open new ways to represent apps to the users.

How to Enable Instant Apps on Your Device:

If your android version and device is supported the android instant apps, you can start using it by enabling the feature.

Follow below steps:

1. Open phone’s settings.

2. Go to Google in the personal category.

3. In the services, select instant apps.

4. Toggle the button from the top right and you were done.

enable instant apps step 1    enable instant apps step 2    enable instant apps step 3     confirmation screen

Screenshots by AndroidAuthority

Completing the above step, you are ready to search and use the instant apps.

Instant apps feature is still new and not supported in most of the devices hence there are limited numbers of apps available offering instant app version. You will find Wish, Periscope, Jet, Hotpads and some others.

Let’s See How to Search and Use the Instant Apps.

1. On your mobile device, search on Google any of the app mentioned above. Let’s say Wish app.

2. You will find ‘instant’ marked search listing in the second position. Tap on it and app will start loading.

3. After load complete, you will get the same app interface you get on any installed app on your screen.

android instant app search             Wish instant app screen

Screenshots by AndroidAuthority

You will get the same features you will get with installed app. you can browse the products, access your account, buy any product as normal.

You will get a quick install option on your notification bar to install the app. you can directly install the same app on your mobile from that button if you want. Or just keep using the instant app if you do not need the app daily.

Have you tried instant apps on your mobile? Or waiting for the support update? Comment below.

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