Top Android App Development Trends in 2022

Android App Development Trends

Top Android App Development Trends in 2022

Since the pandemic hit, it has been hard for the world to set up and cope with technological development. Though it had an unpleasant impact on the tech industries worldwide, the enterprises have managed to build and sustain trends that prove advantageous to them and their customers. 

The Covid-19 impact on the app development industry has surprisingly seen a positive trend that has increased manifolds’ demand for Android-based applications. From buying groceries on the app to transferring money, the use of application services has surged immensely.  

This soaring demand has led to varied Android app development trends listed below.


The AI/ML Technology:

The merger of two prominent technologies, namely, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), have paved the way for varied android app development trends such as text and face recognition, labeling of images, scanning the barcodes, as well as, landmark recognition to simplify and elevate user experience.


Beacons Technology:

Beacon technology is the current trend in the domain of android tech that allows optimization of location-based searching by use of Bluetooth signals attached to other devices. This tech features mobile app-based solutions by presenting potential products to deliver personalized services to the targeted audience. Devising clear mapping under this tech also helps to enhance user engagement.



The virtues of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) help bring an advanced level to the AI tech used. Toolkits such as ARkit and ARcore by Google have raised in sales and revenues of companies, along with an enhanced user experience. Leveraging AR and VR services has proved beneficial to the business and the users. 


Blockchain Technology:

As the name suggests, Blockchain Technology extends decentralized app-based solutions to uplift the safety, security, and transparency protocols that even monitor unauthorized access. This android-based app development choice is ideal for the financial sector to develop the ultimate blockchain solutions per the company’s needs.


5G Technology:

2022 is the era of the anticipated arrival of the 5G technology. Undoubtedly, the speed and performance of 5G are more newfangled than the 4G tech. The rate of 100 Gbps provided by 5G offers much utility for the mobile application development company by reaching the zenith of data transmission with more than a billion mobile devices worldwide.



Chatbots offer 24*7 services and customer query acquisition to maintain communication to assist potential or existing service users. It is an automated process backed by AI that analyzes users’ queries and provides customer assistance at a much faster pace. A company may hire an android developer to ease out this process.


Low code app development:

The applications built in the past had highly comprehensive and complex coding formations that made this process cumbersome and sometimes inaccurate because of the complicated structure. But 2022 is looking forward to developing in the direction of low code app development to make the process easier and more accurate. It even allows users with common technical knowledge to easily use these apps.



IoT (Internet of Things) allows communication between the connected devices amongst themselves and even between the devices and the cloud. IoT is useful for domestic as well as commercial purposes. These digitally connected devices optimize human efforts and automate business operations to allow remote management of the connected devices.


The Wearable Tech:

The android application development company is buckling down to developing wearable tech, which supports devices like a smartwatch, to design unique wear with high functionality. This emerging wearable technology trend addresses the changing lifestyle by accommodating electronics in daily lives.



eCommerce has been in trend for many years and is still trending for its wide purposes. The existence of many eCommerce-based android mobile apps has boomed with the growing customer preference for online transactions. This sector is growing rapidly, and the future reforms that it’ll see are beyond imagination.


Cloud-based services:

An android application development company knows the significance of cloud-based Android apps in terms of data safety. Cloud-based android apps act as the safest platform to secure the data. Such apps can potentially access the data stored in the cloud and process it per requirement. It is wise to coordinate with a mobile application development company to develop a cloud-based mobile android app.

These are some of the latest trends that rule the android app development sector in 2022. Since the android mobile devices are present with a major chunk of the population, the android apps will help cater to users’ needs in many respects. 

Gain a detailed insight into these leading trends to make the most of them.  

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