4 Mobile App Ad Format You Should Use For Better Revenue

4 Mobile App Ad Format You Should Use For Better Revenue

4 Mobile App Ad Format You Should Use For Better Revenue

The in-app advertisement is a big part of revenue generation when it comes to free or freemium apps. Android market is getting huge each day and you will find almost every feature as a free mobile app on the play store. iOS market scene is a bit different as you will need to pay for most of the apps available there.

In this article, we are going to discuss some mobile app ads format that helps you drive more ad clicks and earning. If you just started development or new to app monetization, this post is for you.

Here are the ad formats you are allowed to create with AdMob. People mostly use AdMob ad network for in-app ads so am going to explain all AdMob ad formats. The concent of below explained ads remain same with any other ad platform and only CPM rates and some other ad formats are different.

Banner Ads:

android banner ads

Banner ads are simple as you can place generally on top or bottom of the screen and it will generally trigger when app started.

This format helps you most when your app has some scrolling activity included. Users are more likely to click on these ads. As Google AdMob delivers the ads as per user’s interest and app theme or niche, users will get their interest related ads in the app and as the ad banner always remains on the screen, it increases the chance to be clicked.

Make sure you don’t use this format in your games. As it covers good screen space and users will get irritated with constant clicks on ads during the gameplay. Banner ads work perfectly with news or ebook type of apps.

Interstitial Ads:

admob interstitial ads

This is the full-screen ad which popups on a certain event or in some time period and takes the full screen to show to small video or image of the advertisement.

I know, it sometimes very annoying if you used too much. You can add interstitial ads after completion of any action, not too frequent and when natural pause comes.

If you are planning to use this add format with the game, you should use it at the end of every level or other pause but make sure you don’t add to the gameplay. It will increase your CTR if you added on random gameplay, but the user will not stay on your game and uninstall it. Better you use it wisely.

Native Ads:

native ads mobile appAdMob introduced this new way of ads where ads are mixed with the content. Ad cards are mixed with your app’s content cards and make them look natural. If for your app, banner or interstitial not working because of banner blindness, you can increase the clicks on native ads.

Native ads work best with long contents like story ebook or wallpaper apps and you can mix up the ads with app content as it adapts the app appearance.

Rewarded Video:

rewarded video ad formatThis is something new, especially for game developers. In rewarded video ads, as the name suggests, users will get some in-app reward each time they see video ad.

Here make sure, you need to give any in-app reward within the app or game like some coins or new life in the game. This will give users a simple way to get back to the game or get some inventory and they will not be frustrated with popup ads during game plays.

This ad format does not much use with apps but if you are providing tool type feature in your app you can implement this add format.

Rewarded ads generally pay high per impression or per video play as users are opt-in willingly and it is more likely to engage with the advertisement. Using this format advertiser also get more engagement.

These are all ad formats you will get with AdMob. There are many other formats available with other platforms like app walls and 3D ads but AdMob is the favorite and highest paying platform. Combine this all ads in your mobile app and get the maximum earnings from your apps. If you are a game developer then you can also check the unity ads as they are offering better ads formats with almost same click rates.

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