How AI Chatbots Can Help To Grow Your B2B business

How AI Chatbots Can Help You Grow Your B2B business

How AI Chatbots Can Help To Grow Your B2B business

Chatbots are becoming quite fascinating things these days. Especially for the businesses, these chatbots are becoming a medium of communication with their potential customers. Let us dig deep into this technology to know what they are, how they are useful to the business and how they can grow your B2B business.

What are Chatbots?

Chatbots can be described as a computer program that is used for communication with humans. It simulates the whole process over the internet. It is a virtual assistant that can communicate through text messages. Such chatbots can be integrated into websites, mobile applications or messengers.

The chatbots can simplify the daily routine tasks of multiple requests from users. It saves time as well as speeds up the process of communication. Consumers are also getting more and more interested in this technology these days.

In the beginning, AI chatbots found importance in B2C businesses. But we can say that these AI enabled bots are impacting the B2B businesses equally.

So, here we have presented a few ways in which AI chatbots can help B2B business to increase efficiency and take it to greater heights.

Easy Data Mining

The marketing and sales department of a company constantly goes through an uphill battle to fetch the data regarding qualified leads. But due to the inaccuracy of data, the department fails in bringing targeted sales to the organization. Also, manual data mining takes a lot of time and it is quite impossible for a human marketer to mine the data accurately and bring it on the table at the required time; keeping in mind they are assigned with others duties as well.

So, instead one can make use of AI-powered chatbots to automate this task of data mining and provide data timely data to the organization in a systematic manner.

Quality Lead Generation

Generating leads is one of the primary goals for any B2B marketing team. And the thing that matters the most while generating the leads is user experience. Users come to your website or at any other communicating medium and do not get what they were looking, then and there they will decide to leave. But this case can be quite different from AI-powered chatbots.

The artificial intelligence and machine learning together can analyze the visitor behavior and calculate the probability of him transforming into a quality lead. So, once the leads are located, they are sent with tailored messages to retain them with the business. The AI chatbots can help the visitors and engage them with necessary information.

These chatbots offer benefits like:

  • Giving instant responses to user queries
  • Offering better user experience
  • Avoid delay in getting the right piece of information
  • Provide better user engagement
  • Avoid the need for writing long, lead generation forms
  • Offer meaningful content and sources
  • Provide ease of searching data

Supplementing Sales Process

The AI chatbots are capable of understanding the visitor interaction with the company website by tracing their activities on various platforms. Through this understanding, it generates a behavioral pattern. The analytics of this pattern helps the sales department of a B2B business to differentiate the leads that are worthy of the sales pitch. So, the chance of converting such leads into customer increases. This proves that AI chatbots play a major role in the sales process.

Ease of Tracking

The AI chatbots are effective when it comes to tracking communications. So, whenever communication is happening between the bot and the user, it is recorded for further analysis. It provides an insight into the customer behavior and further improvises their experience.

Simplified Administrative Tasks

Few administrative tasks are quite redundant and they take up much time which ultimately affects the performance of administration. The chatbot assistants are smart enough to manage few of the administrative tasks like maintain time sheets, keep a track of the assigned tasks, setting reminders for upcoming events and more. It also gives an insight into the website’s page views, the number of contacts created for the business and many more.

Increased Retention Rate

The greatest threat to a business lies in losing its existing customer base. The chatbots are efficient enough to retain the customers. The customers can interact with these bots as and when needed without any download or installation. These ease of use is a great benefit provided to the users which ultimately retains them with the business.


So, these are a few ways in which chatbots can be useful to B2B businesses. Many businesses have just acquired the basic knowledge regarding its true potential. These chatbots are still in its beginning stage and their capabilities shall increase in the near future. So, we can say that the best ones are yet to be created.

“A business can invest in building chatbots to keep pace with the changing technology”

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