A Definitive Guide on Predictive Analysis for Mobile App Development

Predictive Analysis For Mobile App Development

A Definitive Guide on Predictive Analysis for Mobile App Development

Let’s push ourselves to imagine as a Dr. Fate or Dr. Strange – having powers of knowing what will happen next just for a minute. Besides mobile app entrepreneur personality, a change is good.

Now that you have powers to know bad things before it happens- what feature enforces your users to abandon the app, what drives them to crash it forever and get the better one. This power can also analyze the opportunity which is waiting to get explored – from where and which operating system and devices your users visit your app and for how many times they visit.

Sound like you are the superhero that protects the app from a bad report?

Well if I say you can just not imagine but you can also make this happen in real life.

What if you can estimate what is going to happen next and prevent or boost your actions accordingly. Yes, you are hearing it right, it is possible…..

Believe it or not, you can predict the user’s move before happening.

Imagine the effects – low churn rates, high user engagement and revenue scaling up towards the clouds.

So, now what about the introduction of that superpower you’ll get from?

Here I am introducing the superpower of Predictive Analytics….

Predictive Analytics Definition…..

So, finally what is Predictive analytics? Well, the analytics form tells you what will happen and estimation form does the data analysis and statistic analysis which helps to predict what will happen next.

Extending the definition of our superpower – Predictive Analytics, Its see the impacts of the insightful analytics which helps in two phases – Mobile App Development and Post mobile app launch.

Let’s have an insight into predictive analysis first for mobile app development.

Predictive Analytics for Mobile App Development

Developing a mobile app generates a huge amount of specific data and daily tasks from testing and quality check, this data mainly dictates long and short-term successes.

Many mobile app developers integrate predict analytics in the mobile app development process and gather data and create the report of the pattern in the predictive analysis framework which is hidden in unstructured and structured data sets.

The result of finding hidden patterns, mobile app developers get an algorithm to use and forecast the problem that might mobile app face.

Now this the high level of explanation so, let me give you the practical insights on how you can use predictive analytics in your application development process to make the development process a lot faster and quality ensured.

Practical Insights of Predictive Analytics for Mobile app development

1. Predictive Planning

Both Mobile app developers and project managers often underestimate the time, resources and money it would require to deliver code. They might face the same delivery issues time after time, especially when working on similar projects. Predictive analysis is used to identify the repetitive mistakes that result in demented codes. Predictive analytics also help in noticing the number of code lines delivered by the mobile app developers so that you can schedule the estimated time of delivery accordingly.

2. Predictive Analytics DevOps

All together mobile app development and operation i.e. DevOps is known to accelerate the mobile app delivery time. When the production environment data flows back to the developer, he can analyze which coding approach is causing the bad user experience.

Then the specific data analysis to the usage and failure of the mobile app from which you can predict which features or user’s movement are going to crash the mobile app. These predictions are fixed at the time of future release.

3. Predictive testing

Testing every combination of the user actions and interfaces with other system is something difficult to perform. Instead, you can use predictive analytics to find out the path the users commonly take and identify the stage of crashing. At some points, you can also use algorithms to measure the commonalities between the different user execution flow which can help in identifying the common execution paths.

Now that you know how to use the predictive analysis framework in your application development process, let’s go through the benefits of it that offer to the mobile app-focused businesses and entrepreneurs.

Benefits of Predictive Analytics for Mobile App development……

1. Expand User Retention

2. Personalized Marketing

3. Identification of changes in content

4. Identification of time to switch device

5. Making notification game better


 So, where do you think your superpowers are beneficial to you? Predictive Analysis as a tool is a beneficial one for the development of the app. Start on with the predictive analysis to speed up your app development process. It just makes the process somewhat easier saving time consumption.

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