A Complete Guide to Develop Mobile App Similar to Fantasy Sports App Dream11

A Complete Guide to Develop Mobile App Similar to Fantasy Sports App Dream11

A Complete Guide to Develop Mobile App Similar to Fantasy Sports App Dream11

Sports will be the last entertainment thing to be watched live in any country you are in. Your soul won’t allow you to see the sports in a recorded mode. You will definitely see it in live mode. Because sports are in big demand it attracts the huge money from the advertisers and gamblers. This affects the sports enthusiasts to bring more money which could also lead to selling out the game and ruining the game which is loved by everyone.

Along with the legalization of sports betting, sports viewership has been drastically affected and transformed. A sportsperson is not an idol but is treated as mere assets for the exploitation of faster money. Moreover, betting comes as a supplement in gambling on the unpredictable and unexpected events. This is such a field that nobody requires any specific research skills that are the primary premises of the fantasy sports game.

The Fantasy Sports App…

The Daily fantasy sports app have totally changed the way of fans’ engagement with the game. There are interestingly two questions – 1) who will win within the daily fantasy sports provider and 2) who are impacted the most in the sports industry and the gambling industry both?

Additionally and specifically, the main question stands behind is “Are daily fantasy league slowing opening the new forms of gambling to the previous non-gambling industry or are they stealing money from traditional casinos and sports book?”

Along the side, the fantasy sports team looks promising to still face a host of a new startup and established competitor in near futures. Additionally, it will be interesting to see how the market pans out.

Whichever the starting lineup to choose will be wrong because, in the fantasy sports world, nothing is certain. What happens while actually launching a sports league that’s really a tech startup, with an obscure mission, shaky funding and a killer app promising more than to deliver?

The below story says how to build the fantasy sports app like Dream11. I hope you would be familiar with the Dream11 app.


1. How The Fantasy Sports App Work?

Dream11 offers single math daily for all sports enthusiasts where they can showcase their knowledge and skills in specific sports. Moreover, it helps them to fetch instant gratification in the form of bragging the rights and the winnings. As Dream11 allows to create the fan’s own team, he can be the owner also rather than just being the spectators. Therefore, it allows creating the own team for the upcoming matches, the score points are based on the on-field performance of the players which competes with each other. Dream 11 as a company has a partnership with various global sports leagues like the Hero CPL, Hero ISL, and NBA.  

2. What are the Standard Technologies for the Fantasy Sports App to Develop Similar to the Dream11?

Standard Technology Stack, you can consider in mobile app development,

  • Front End: Node, Express.JS, Socket.IO, Angular JS and PHP
  • API: Stats.com(API)
  • Payment: Paypal and Paysafe
  • DataBase: MySQL, MongoDB, Redis
  • Cloud: AWS
  • Mobile Notifications: Firebase, APNS
  • Push Notifications: One Signal
  • Real-Time Analytics: Gleam.IO, Google Analytics


3. How is the Business Model of the Fantasy Sports App?

Dream11 is an online fantasy sports portal for dedicated users who are passionate about the sports league like Cricket, Football, NBA, NHL, and NBL. This gives an opportunity to live the game in their own manner. It has the highest payouts in the industry and it offers the daily personalized sports news feeds.

4. What are the Key Essential and the Additional Features in the Sports App Development?

Match Score live, CRM Integration, CMS integration, GPS location tracking, Multiple payment systems, and Loyalty Program. Moreover, Sports betting, real-time chatting, a custom mail reminder system, Player records, and Push notification

5. Which are the Features of Admin Panel?

Mostly, Role-based dashboard, Manager user, view earnings, Manage Reward Points, Manages bank withdrawal requests. Additionally, cash bonus, CMS, Home screen browser sports, create a contest, join the contest. However, it also includes Invite and Earn, Winning History, wallet and playing history.

6. What are the Different Types of Contests in the Fantasy Sports App?

Cricket, Football, Kabbadi, NBA, NHL, NBL, Snake Draft and rank them for all the sports.

Moreover, The fantasy sports business model is similar to more or less like a lottery. It’s none other than betting that is legal. The only difference is it is not owned by the state like the lottery is. It works a for-profit entity that can maximize shareholder’s value. MLB and the NBA have ownership of these sports league companies without any concerns about moral hazards.

Many Fantasy sports app have pulled in a lot of money and hence the difference between the fantasy sports and the betting app has been blurred. There are opportunities for marketers to rise once these sports get legalized and lose their social stigma. But one has to keep waiting for the fully liquid sports prediction market that disturbs the existing sports-book model. Dream 11 has faced a total legal wrangle to build India’s biggest platform for the fantasy sports app.


The interesting question on the value of the sports app…

Can we consider the quality of engagements with the number of engagements?

Dream 11 prediction leagues and the media companies have to deal with the ethical questions and potential conflicts of interest which has the initial stage of investment in the betting platform. Betting can be a real difficulty in the world of sports. It’s just because the people will not be in the interest of the real game as they will focus more on the players they have a bet.

If you are looking for the sports app developers that can help you with your sports app, we can provide you a ready handy for your mobile app development.

We can help you with the reduction of time in collecting the sports data, saving time for prepping, maintaining and cleaning the data. Moreover, we can also help you with the increase in customer’s engagements, maximizing the advertisements and sponsorship revenues. Ultimately, the decrease in technical implementation costs is the result.

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