A Close Look into the Android P Features

Android P Features

A Close Look into the Android P Features

Google announced last week the official release of Android P or you can say Android Pie for the users of its Pixel phones. The wacky new navigation gesture system may be Android P or Android 9.0’s most attention element. It may be better or worse but the 9th version of Google’s OS also has small significant changes in their new OS Android P. In today’s article I’m going to tell you about Google’ s new OS Android Pie.

So let’s see new Android P features…

1. New Look and Notification

In Android Pie, Google is using rounded corners in the notification tray. To view, the notification tray just swipes down. As for notifications, Android is leading in the way its handling notifications with compared to iOS. In Android Pie, more features added in notification like, for messaging apps, will suggest smart replies and show more information in each app notification.

2. Dark mode

android p dark mode banner

Google added dark mode option in the Settings app. Instead of relying on wallpaper now user can use dark mode. And now, a user can decide whether always use dark mode, light mode or let phone choose itself. Dark mode is something that Android users have been wanting for years. Finally, its come, thank you Google.

3. Useful screenshot tool


Now, taking a screenshot is as simple as pressing and holding the power button, then tap Screenshot. As we all know the old method of taking a screenshot is holding the power button and volume-down button at the same time and it still works. But now the new screenshot shortcut in Android Pie with a new edit feature. When your screenshot is saved then preview notification display Edit button. By selecting Edit button will open a markup tool for you to crop, draw, or highlight the screenshot before sharing it.

4. New Android Dashboard

Google’s plan to restrain phone addiction through its Wellbeing program. This program still not ready for rollout, but interested pixel owners can signup for taking part in the Digital Wellbeing beta program. You will need to have a Google Pixel device running on Android 9.0 Pie in order to take part in the beta program.

5. Lockdown mode for extra security


In Android P, Google is doing much to secure information of their user. There is a new feature, that locks down your device with the push button. When button enabled, it lets you disable the fingerprint sensor or voice unlock as well as PIN and pattern.

How can you enable this setting? Go to Settings > Security and Location > Lock Screen Preferences and toggle Show lockdown option. After you toggle that on, you can now just press the power button and then tap on Lockdown.

6. Gesture navigation system

gesture system banner

With Android Pie, you can have an option to ditch Android’s traditional three-button navigation system and let you go with gesture navigation instead. A single home, to go home page, swipe right to go back, swipe left to switch between apps and to view recent apps tray swipe up. Enable and enjoy the new gesture navigation system on your phone.

7. New Rotation button

Android Pie has a new way to control the display rotates and it is great! You can now lock your rotation settings in place so that things stay verticle and no matter how you tilt your phone and this is done by using a new rotation button. When you turn the screen to landscape, tap the icons that appear at the bottom to change the orientation. Now, when you turn your device in portrait it will stay in landscape unless you tap on rotation button again to rotate back.

8. Adaptive battery

Adaptive Battery banner

Google is introducing their massive AI cluster to keep your battery last longer. Adaptive battery keeps the records of how and when you use the apps and make save the battery when you don’t use those apps. Android system apps have multiple components that often run in the background and use more battery power. But now with the use of adaptive battery until you reopen that app they can’t do anything in the background.

So, these are some features of the new Google OS Android Pie. Did you like this feature or not? What’s your opinion about Android P features? Have you like this feature or not? Please share your thoughts in the below mentioned comment box.

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  • Moss Clement
    Posted at 01:46h, 14 August Reply

    Hi Dhamik,

    Your article is great. I like the fact that you used more images with annotation to highlight important points and feature of the Android phone.

    You did amazingly well.

  • Dharmik
    Posted at 04:01h, 14 August Reply

    Hey Moss,

    Images tell a thousand words. Thanks for spotting and commenting.
    Have a Great Day!

  • alexander paul
    Posted at 10:45h, 26 September Reply

    Great informative and well-explained article Dharmik. Thanks for sharing such an wonderful article.

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