6 Ways AI Will Continue Impact Mobile App Development

6 Ways AI Will Continue Impact Mobile App Development

6 Ways AI Will Continue Impact Mobile App Development

The word AI(Artificial Intelligence) has no longer remained an unfamiliar term in the present scenario. With the upcoming AI based apps and products in the market like Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri, AI has become a very common word. There was a time when we used to feed data into a machine to use it for future purpose and it required a lot of time but now it’s just the opposite. Machines have become smart enough to recognize human requirements quickly and it is possible only with help of Artificial Intelligence.

How is AI simplifying our lives?

If you have ever watched videos on YouTube (a video application), then you must have experienced this unique thing about it. As soon as you finish watching a video, it suggests you watch another video that is relevant to the one you have already watched. Well, this is possible due to AI and machine learning mechanism. It gives you a very personalized experience.

With AI, the users don’t need to do the job of searching entire application to fetch what they want; instead, AI does it for them. It is only due to this reason that most of the population like artificial intelligence as it is simplifying their experience with apps and lives in the long run.

How is AI going to impact Mobile App development?

AI is getting integrates into mobile applications and the good thing about it is that developers don’t have to write complex code for adding this functionality. They can simply add it in the current user interface.

With AI based apps, one can quickly boost the business by engaging more customers at lowered costs. How? Let’s see:

  1. AI identifies behavioral patterns:

The AI-based apps can quickly figure out the features that are most attractive for users. It analyzes the behavior of several customers when they take actions on the apps. Using this information, AI enables promotional offers through messages to drive customers’ attention to it.

  1. AI helps in scheduling alerts:

Traditionally, alerts were sent to users based on a fixed duration of a time gap. But now with the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning mechanism, alerts are sent as and when required. They are customized to be sent at the right time to the right user for better results. This helps in driving profits to the business easily.

  1. AI helps in making mobile apps more user-friendly:

People nowadays have become more alert about their health and they want to inculcate a healthy lifestyle. Mobile apps with AI have come to their rescue. It provides a whole day schedule and support to make their life healthier and happier. For example, Mobile applications can now track the number of footsteps taken by its users and set goals accordingly. This will take mobile app development to a new edge in the future.

  1. AI helps in simplifying the application code:

AI is benefitting not only the users and business owners, but it is also reducing the burden of mobile app developers. The developers need not do the tedious task of writing complex code for an AI feature. Instead, it can be implemented in the existing user interface to revamp the entire application.

  1. AI boosts content production:

Mobile applications like Netflix require predicting customer needs quickly for content production. AI helps in building content quickly for a user by identifying their specific behavior. The features of the application are then customized accordingly to satisfy their requirements. It thus gives a whole personalized experience to its users.

  1. AI helps to automate reasoning capacity of apps:

With the help of AI-based apps, reasoning or finding solutions becomes easy. For example, Al-based apps like Uber uses it automated reasoning capacity to find riders in the desired destination. It takes data from over a million other drivers to optimize the route and learn from their trips.


Though Artificial Intelligence is taking by storm in the mobile application industry, we have only utilized an ounce of its full potential. It is also important not to over-promise its capabilities. But one thing can sure that artificial intelligence will definitely change the mobile application development in near future.

Not sure where to start? Let’s discuss your business needs and build AI based mobile app that leads your business to new heights.

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