5 Ways to Increase Revenue by Using a Restaurant ordering App

Restaurant Ordering App

5 Ways to Increase Revenue by Using a Restaurant ordering App

Mobile apps become handy for users nowadays with on-demand services. Get things done at your door-step. From taxi booking to food ordering, everything can be ordered from the small smartphone screen with online payments in seconds. If we see from service provider’s view, a custom mobile application not only provides an easy platform to order conveniently but also works best-increasing customer engagement. A mobile application is the best way to provide value to the customer and help you get an edge over competitors.

Basics of food delivery system working:

The online food ordering system can be implemented mainly in two ways. A restaurant can provide a mobile app for users to order food prepared from that restaurant only and get delivered on home. Dominos app work on this concept which let users order food from home and get it delivered.

In another scenario, users are able to select the food from many different restaurants listed in the mobile app and get it sitting home. in this type of system, a third party handling the orders and get some commission from the restaurants listed in the app. ex. Swiggy, Zomato etc.

In this post, I have listed some ways in which mobile apps help restaurants to increase revenue:

1.) With more and more people start using mobile apps, restaurant can handle the peak business hours effectively. Customers do not need to wait in a long queue and restaurants are able to serve on time. Ordering food from a website or mobile application becomes more hassle-free experience than ever. And if you able to deliver a better experience to users with your online food ordering system, they will definitely come back to order again.

2.) Cashless payment is another best feature of the online ordering system. The lesser you deal with cash more convenient the experience becomes. You can include some other popular online wallets as payment options except the cards. So users can use any available option to pay the order bill. It also makes bill collection easy on restaurant side as the paid amount get transferred automatically and record added to order data on the server.

3.) The mobile app can turn a better marketing option if you plan a better marketing strategy for your app to engage more users. You need to provide some value to the user in form of discount or even free meal to get users to download your mobile app. You need to give away something to make users switch from currently using app to your app. A mobile app can provide many ways to increase user engagement like push notification and offer alerts.

You can provide some discount on orders over a certain value only for app users. This will add new users of your mobile app and people will more likely to try your service once for a discount. That “let’s give it a try” moment will be your only chance to show that your app is better than others are and your system will start getting loyal users.

4.) Loyalty programs are the best weapon for mobile apps. You can offer a loyalty program and reward back some value back to the users. Whenever a user places an order using the mobile app, you can give some reward points.

5.) The mobile app has its own benefits compare to website or manual orders. When it comes to the food, some great visual imagery is a trick you can use as an attraction. Mobile helps users to keep updated with on-going pricings. Users also able to track the order early on the mobile app and pay from the same interface. Most of the restaurant charges some extra for home delivery and this will help them increase in revenue.

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