5 Trends in iOS Development You Can’t Afford to Ignore in 2018

IOS Development Trends

5 Trends in iOS Development You Can’t Afford to Ignore in 2018

Beacon technology:

beacon in iOS

Beacon is an existing technology that enables new location awareness possibilities for apps and can be used to collect data from Bluetooth waves without internet connection required. When working with Beacon you not need to get any additional license and it included in iOS SDK. It can be used in event management and retail sectors and can be integrated into kitchen appliances, washing machines, lighting, and many others.

IoT apps:

ios app development

IoT is new tech in the market but still, it shows potential in iOS app development arena. iOS developers implementing internet with regular devices to make it more accessible from anywhere – fully automated. Users can get useful information about weather, traffic information, etc with this type of technology integration.

Touch sensibility:

touch id

As the main aim of security iOS providing fingerprint id for unlocking the device since iPhone 5s launch. But not only for security, but developers also built many different features using the touch. along, it expands the security of online eCommerce and banking.

Mobile gaming:

gaming in iPhone x

Games are ever trending stuff from the very beginning of the mobile generation. But now with increasing graphics ability of mobile devices, better screen and large storage & RAM hardware is available. It is a new market for game developers that are offering puzzles and racing to heavy-graphics action games. iOS devices now come with larger display making gaming more easy and convenient in the competition of Android. This is another trend that going to get some new edges in 2018 in iOS development.



Competition in the iOS app market is increasing day by day with hundreds of new apps added daily. People getting more choice for any single search and thus increasing competition in particular. ASO is the best way to stay ahead in the competition. If you are not applying the ASO tactics while uploading your iOS app then you are already losing the organic potential user. Check out some App store optimization tactics that will help you increase the ranking in the app store in 2018.

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