5 Things to Consider Before Developing an App

Developing An App

5 Things to Consider Before Developing an App

Probably, you are in the process of developing a great app. That’s why you landed up here. But you don’t know where to start from. Well, it’s always difficult in the beginning. And this is even more daunting for tech startups. You aren’t sure if your app is going to provide what your users want. So, before taking a plunge into the app development process, you should consider doing a few things. It might take up your time and ask for some hard work but its worth in the end. Consider going through a pre-development phase to perform these 5 things mentioned below for a great start.

1. Do You Have an Elevator Pitch Ready?

If not, get it done first. An elevator pitch is something that provides the core idea of your app in a few minutes. The key to a successful pitch is a compelling narrative explaining what you are doing and why so? You need to attract your listeners and describe them the value of your app in a few seconds. And if you fail at this, most of your potential users will move to the next app available in the store.

So, the bottom line is your app value must be very precise and clear.

If you are still struggling to get that pitch, here’s what you can do.

Describe your app value, who it’s intended for and what problem it solves.

For example, Uber Eats is an app that allows people to order food online and get it delivered at their doorstep because they don’t wish to travel for it.

This quickly sums up everything in a short description.

2. Get A Testable Business Model

A testable business model for your app works on the principle of Research, Measure and Learn.

  • Research: A target group of audience, their behavioral patterns, and their purchase habits. Assume what you are developing will work for your research.
  • Measure: Measure every single thing about your app. How it will work, how to market it and how much it will cost you.
  • Learn: Learn from the former procedure to improvise in the next iteration. In the case of app development, it is the next update.

This testable business model is flexible. It adapts to the changing needs of the market and so does your app. Hence, it is important to follow this approach.

3. Does Your App Provide a Value?

Before developing an app, one thing you should and must get clear about is that there are millions of apps available in the stores so why would anyone download or install your app? If you are able to answer this question, then congratulation! You are providing your customers a reason to use your app. You are offering them a value through your app.

For providing a value, one needs to solve a problem.

Here are some popular examples that show how customers are offered with a value by solving their problems:

Feeling Bored? Play Angry Birds.

Can’t Find a Direction? Use the Google Map.

Want A Cab? Get Uber.

One thing that is common in all the three apps is: They Have Solved a Problem!

So, what problem is your app solving?

4. Focus on User Experience

Your app might provide a great user value, but if it’s not easy to operate then your users won’t bother to operate it. Have you ever come across an app that wasn’t easy to operate? Perhaps it didn’t make a sense? You know how the situation is, right? You uninstalled the app right away. This is the reason why you need to focus on providing a great user experience from the start itself.

So, while you are on your journey of providing a value through the app, make a point to develop an app with a human-centered design.

Yes, the key to achieving good user experience is a simple yet effective design for your app. Let users enjoy while interacting with your app.

One can also consider building a wireframe. A wireframe is similar to a step by step flow of your app. And this calls for our next step: a prototype.

5. Build A Prototype

A prototype is an alike model of your app. It imitates the functions and the look of your app. Your app will be developed around it. So, it gives you the overall idea of the actual app.

You might question, why is it important to build a prototype?

Well, if you have ever gone for a car test drive you might understand why. While you are on your drive you might come across certain issues like the steering wheel is too small. The motive behind a test drive is to find a perfect car for you.

Same is the case with developing an app.

You want a perfect app and to get it perfect you need a prototype to cure certain issues.

This is the reason why building a prototype for your app is important before developing it. It is the easiest way to validate your ideas and get a feedback on them.


Developing an app requires going through a pre-development process. This also demands a lot of work but it is necessary to avoid any future mistakes. You can simplify your pre-development stage by asking for a help from a reputed app development firm. You can always reach out for experts in the field.

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