5 Simple Trick To Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

Shopping Cart Abandonment

5 Simple Trick To Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

Nowadays believe it or not, but most of the customers actually do a lot of their shopping online. So, you should give your customers a smooth shopping experience. The main difference between online shopping and traditional is that user can add products in the shopping cart and purchase that product when they need. But according to research most of the customers leave eCommerce store without shopping because of shopping cart abandonment.

Do you want to reduce shopping cart abandonment to your eCommerce site? Follow my 5 simple tricks to reduce shopping cart abandonment which I describe in this article.

1. Use exit-intent pop-up into your eCommerce site:

exit-intent pop-up banner

With the use of exit-intent pop-up, you can maximize our conversions. It can be installed on any page for ex. shopping cart page, checkout pages etc. When user surf your site little bit and then user go back from the site meanwhile exit-intent pop-up send pop-up message of some discount offers. It is the great deal to change customers decision “No” to “Yes”.

You can also build your own pop-up and reminds your customers that they have unpurchased items in their cart and offers some discount it helps them to give a second thought to making a purchase.

2. Keep shopping cart visible:

visible cart banner

Most of the people who do online shopping are saving their items in a cart and after some days they can purchase from it. Keep cart visible is a great way to remind your customers to buy. lots of the people forgot the cart items when they spent a long time surfing your site. So, when the cart is visible in on your page then it will remind that customers that how many items are in the cart.

3. Be sure about prices:

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According to research, 40% of customers abandon their shopping because of extra fees during the checkout process. If you don’t offer free shipping then don’t keep your customers in dark mode about shipping cost during the last step of the checkout process. Tell them in first that what actually the shipping charges of that products. To gain more customers you should offer free shipping. You can also use a shipping calculator that will determine the cost of shipping to customers location and let customers choose their desired shipping method.

4. Create scarcity pop-up:

scarcity-pop-up banner

For ex. if you are hungry and when you heard about that there are only a few burgers left at your favorite restaurant, then you are going to buy them quickly before they are gone. Am I right? Using that feeling of scarcity on your shopping site will create a feeling for your customers that they have to buy their product now or they miss out on the great opportunity.

Another tactic is to display the countdown timer on your site screen. It will show the user that how many days or hours are left on sale. It creates missing out fear in customers mind and so that the customers will quickly complete purchase faster.

5. Offer multiple payment options:

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Don’t force your customers to make a payment which is preferable to you only. Because this might not preferable to your customers. Third party payment providers are great to deal with online shopping nowadays. You can use multiple payment methods like Credit Card, Debit Card, PayPal, Google Wallet as well as you can offer a COD option to your customers. It will make the purchases more likely to happen.

Another easy way to reduce shopping cart abandonment is that to include lighting fast checkout process in your eCommerce site and showing security badges to your customers in order to more trust from your customers. If you are tired of losing your customers as well as sales due to shopping cart abandonment, follow my 5 simple trick on your site and you will get quickly boost your conversion.

What do you think about shopping cart abandonment? Mentioned your thoughts in a comment section.

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