5 SEO Concepts to Boost Google Ranking in 2018

5 SEO Concepts to Boost Google Ranking in 2018 banner

5 SEO Concepts to Boost Google Ranking in 2018

As an SEO, you have an idea that you are confident about and clear idea about your target audience. The next step to do now is, spread out to your audience. You are on the web and how you know that you ranked high enough in search engines? A better ranking on any search engines shows you in results when customers look out for you. You don’t want to get lost in a crowd of searches, do you? And here the concepts of SEO or Search Engine Optimization comes.

Here 5 SEO concepts that SEO person need to implement in 2018 to boost their ranking.

1. Install Plugins

Plugins are work great in general if the website is made on WordPress. Plugins do not stop at just manage your title and meta description but does much more. It solves a lot of hidden technical fault that your site might have been going through. Plugins act like your name label. It helps Google crawler to quickly identifies when it comes to your site. If you help Google then Google becomes your friend. As the site owner, you can control your features as per your choice. Plugins are updates each time because of Google algorithm updates so frequently. You need to focus on writing and structuring your content while these plugins will take care of the technical SEO of your website. So, choose different WordPress plugins for SEO as per your need.

2. Interlinking your blogs

Interlink your blog is good for you SEO. The smartest way to do this is strategizing which stage of the customer is the Blog targeted at. It could be aware and it will make it easier to interlink your articles with your past posts.

Here are the 2 reasons why interlinking is needed.

  • The amount of time your reader spent on your site is increasing significantly. It is great for you to have relevant and interesting links within your blog content. So, that your readers spend more amount of time on your site without realizing how much time has passed.
  • Interlinking also helps search engines that which particular blogs on your site are relevant and so that you will get better ranking based on the keywords you have used.

Linking the right articles within your blogs will help in the inbound lead generation in your marketing strategy. This will tell search engines and social media platforms to bring your customer to the content you have written for them.

3. All the external link from your site should be no-follow

You don’t want to distract your audience. It is like when you go to the X brand shop for shopping and there they come across X product from another new brand. They will divert your mind to shop that new product. Exactly on the web, another brand is a website you have provided an out-going link to. You do not want to divert your readers from your site. In SEO, there is the concept of Link Juice which essentially can be imagined a juice pitcher with outgoing Do Follow links. The more outgoing Do Follow links you have, the less link juice you have inside. So, your aim should be to save the juice and try to giving less outgoing Do Follow links. If you want to link to other external resources, link them by giving No Follow links.

The right way to do it is, add “No Follow” status to all outgoing links. You can do it by using a code every time when you are making a hyperlink. Ex. <a href=”https://Xlink.com” rel=”no follow”>Xlink</a>. Or by installing a plugin which makes all linking no follow by default. Ex. Title and Nofollow For Links plugin.

4. Build an external link to your site by guest posting

Guest posting is an extremely smart way of putting out the word for your business in front of relevant people and largest audience in your niche. It takes time to grow your business, but there are established business out there with the largest no. of the audience. All you need to do is contribute an article for their site and get a link back to your site. But for that, you will have to make connections with editors online. Keep your content ready and find guest posting site in your niche and send them a pitch of your article. You can send them resources, infographics and many more.

Start publishing on established sites and give them the best article and get a backlink to your site. You will get a large audience pool to your site.

5. Disavow bad or irrelevant links pointing to your site

Your articles being mentioned and linked on different sites is not always a great thing. If you have more irrelevant sites that are linking to your site then it might bring down your ranking. Google has a specific set standard for the quality of links that points towards your site. So, remove those band links from your site. There is a tool by Google to remove band links from your site.

Tool: https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/disavow-links-main

At last, start implementing this technique to boost your google ranking. What your thought regarding this? Share your thought in a below-mentioned comment box.

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  • bhawna Kaushik
    Posted at 12:28h, 06 August Reply

    Hey Dharmik

    Amazing post,
    I am always been the fan of guest blogging. Not only you get the chance to connect with the different audience but also you are exposing yourself to better possibilities.
    Keep up the good work 🙂

    • Dharmik
      Posted at 12:45h, 06 August Reply

      Hey Bhawna,

      Yes, guest blogging is the best way to show your identity to a larger audience Thank you for checking out and commenting!

  • Brain Pundits
    Posted at 12:30h, 06 August Reply

    Hello there,

    We are looking for guest posting and authors who could publish posts on our blog?
    Do you think guest posting would be a good idea to start with?

    Looking forward to hear from you soon 🙂

    • Dharmik
      Posted at 12:49h, 06 August Reply


      Yes, if a guest blogger writes unique and worthy content in your niche then guest blogging is a good idea.
      Hope this helps you. Thank you for commenting! 🙂

      • Brain Pundits
        Posted at 07:25h, 13 August Reply

        Hello Dharmik,
        Thank you for the quick response. We are currently looking for content writers and such opportunities

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