5 Points to Think of Before Developing Mobile App

5 Points to Think of Before Developing Mobile App

5 Points to Think of Before Developing Mobile App

With the increased use of a smartphone, the mobile app market is currently trending and daily hundreds of new apps launched on app stores from different companies and developers. In this competitive market if you also thinking to take a dive, make sure your app wear a life-jacket to not drown in the flood.

App development is not just a developer side thing. You need to cover from market analysis to code and then to the marketing of your app. If you are ready with all these, go ahead and publish your app. But if you are not, take a look at below points you will need before your first app launch.

1) Choosing the Right Platform

Market research starts from here. There are many different mobile app platforms you can build your app on. You need to identify which one will work better than your most customers and targeted audience are using. Windows, Android, and iOS are the preferable option.

It also depends on your budget. If you can afford android and iOS both apps, then it is best. But if you are not planning to invest that much amount as development in this both platform will cost you higher. Analyze the market and find if your users are mostly using Android or iOS devices and select that platform for first mobile apps.

2) Your Business Really Need a Mobile App? Think Again

If you already offering the website and you are thinking of app for just information purpose, you do not need an app. Consider your move again. If you are going to provide some value that differs from a mobile-friendly website, you can go for it.

3) Determine the Earning Flow or Channel Before Development

If you are building an app just for your business and don’t have any intention to earn from your app then you can skip this topic. But if you are creating something engaging app and want to make some money from it, decide how you will monetize your app. Will you place banner ads? or offer app at some cost? This will directly affect user experience and install rates so be careful and just don’t rush with “quick-earning” approach.

4) Cost of App Development

There are plenty of factors that affect the app development cost. A simple 3-4 page app will cost you less and increase the cost with increasing in features.

Can users log in or register from an app? can users pay directly from in-app gateways? is the UI complex? Does your app need API? And many other functions will affect the cost. First, decide the flow of the app and decide the features of an app.

5) Marketing of App

The last but most important point, marketing. not matter how useful your app is or how awesome the features are but if you fail in marketing you will not get the first set of users and your app will lose like an echo in a valley. So before starting the development of the application, define the full app marketing strategy like how will you reach to the users and how you will increase the installs. Publishing app on play store will not give you all the traffic and thousands of users.

You can spend on PPC ads. Facebook ads and AdWords are the most popular platforms for paid ads. Or you can prefer other similarĀ ad networks for your app campaigns to increase the installs.

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